Kabuto world report:

Tomas Slavic blasts in Season starter: Downmall Tour #1 & #2!


Photos by: Photo by: ckworks.de, Rick Schubert, Eastern Gravity, Martin Grunefeld


みんな楽しくお買い物を楽しむショッピングモール。その中にいくつもあるエスカレーターをダウンヒルコースにしちゃえば面白いじゃないか! なんて誰が思いついたのか、なんとも今っぽいショーアップされたMTBレース、それが『ダウンモール』シリーズ。昨シーズンは東欧にて3回にわたり開催されたこのシリーズ戦。2016年は全6戦に大幅増量されての開催です。その第1戦、第2戦の参戦報告が、我らがトーマス・スラヴィック選手よりヘッドカメラ映像とともに届きましたので、ご紹介したいと思います!

Shopping mall is where people enjoys shopping. But not for some MTB riders. It will be the great downhill course of "Downmall Tour", the mid town show race of MTB. Last year it was held as a 3 race tour, and in 2016, it will be doubled, 6 races.



This Downmall' s venue is shaping mall, but the numbers of non-mountain downhill races are growing in these couple years. This so-called "City-Downhill"s are getting popular in Europe and South America.



We remember in Japan also hosted some Temple/Shrine downhill races called "Holy ride" The course was the "holy" stairs of temple/shrine. Easy to watch, short distance and exciting. Those was the reasons that this city downhill event was a huge success.



Kabuto helmet worn rider, Tomas Slavik is the top and leading rider in this category. Last year he suffered with injury in mid season, but gained a lot of wins and podiums. The starter race for him this season will be this "Downmall Tour".


2016DOWNMALL TOUR#1 Hannover/Germany


First race was at Shopping mall in Hannover, Germany. Now let's check Slavic's run video taken by camera placed on top of his Kabuto helmet.



Slavik took the hot seat in his final run, but Johannes Fischbach made up to the fastest time of the day and took the win. Slavik was 2nd, but the time difference was slight at 0.39 sec. Here's what Slavik said.



" just messed up a bit last turn what probably cost me some time and it ended up really tide but this time 2nd spot for me. The racing is now getting really exciting with Fischi beating me and I think its great motivation for me, but also for Fischi to push it to the limit and step up the game!"




2016DOWNMALL TOUR#2 Berlin/Germany


Week later, the 2nd round of Downmall took place in Berlin, Germany shopping mall. Lot of technical sections, with short course, couple of huge jumps were there which excited the cloud.




Slavik's biggest rival Fischbach had big crash that he could not run on his final. On the other hand, Slavik now took the win getting the fastest time. See how Slavik blasted to his first win in 2016.


" Im pretty stoked from the win. Track here is really short with many turns what means that there is a lot of spots for making mistake. Every little mistake counts and makes a big difference in result. I was riding very consistent runs and I didn't make much mistakes. It was shame that Fischi crashed in first run and wasn't able to qualify to final run. We always push each other and it for both of us big motivation for pushing the limits of our riding."



The Downmall Tour will continue to tour in Germany, next round would be in Frankfurt. The coming course would be 700m, which is said to be "long" one.

Watching the videos of Downmall, if you watch them slowly, it describes how the German shopping mall is like. It is kinda like sightseeing trip without moving.



Last year, Slavik suffered with injury, but this year, Kabuto fully wishes to see his perfect runs all the time, with Kabuto's helmet protecting his precious head.