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Sep, 13, 2017

【New Item】RT-33R MIPS® FLOW

Carbon Model RT-33R with MIPS® System, which in Japan the first to adopt it.

Quantity Limited




 Standard:ECE Reg.22.05、JIS、MFJ

 Color:White Red

・ The first model to adopt the MIPS® System as Japanese Motorcycle Helmet manufacturer.
・ Limited model.

・ High-Spec Sports Full Face helmet with light weight with both ECE and MFJ standards.
・ Integrated Wake Stabilizer controls airflow around the helmet, decreasing the load and lowers the lift and air resistance. Helmet becomes stable at high-speed riding.

・SAF-W Shield enables to carry both replace shield (optional) and MAXVISION® Pinlock® Original Insert Lens (included)

・ COOLMAX®, the material for quick evaporation of sweat for cool and comfortable use, is used for the all area where your skin touches. Interior pads are fully detachable and washable.
・ The 3 air ventilations are designed to open and close easily and to take in air and emit the inner fumid air effectively.
・ Slit for glasses on the cheek pads for easy putting on and taking off of eye wears.
・ Bottom trims allows easy wearing of the helmet.
・ Exclusively designed bigger dimension breath guard.
・ Wind Shutter No.2 (included) for reducing air blowing in from chin area.


about MIPS®

MIPS is developed by leading scientists at the Karolinska Institute and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, for real life accidents. MIPS Brain Protection System (BPS) is designed to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head.

・How does MIPS® work?

MIPS Brain Protection System(BPS) works by installing a thin, low-friction layer between the helmet liner and inner pad. The layers is held in place by anchors that flex in all directions. These anchors hold the layer in place, but provide a small movement in response to angled impact.

MIPS' small movement relative to the helmet at the brief moment of an angled impact allows the head to continue in the direction in which it was originally travelling. This means that some portion of the rotational forces and energies acting on the head at impact are redirected and spread out thanks to the low-friction layer, rather than being transferred to the brain.


For more details about model RT-33, please refer to our digital English catalog "2017 Motorcycle Helmet & Gear" page 07-08"

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