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Jun, 11, 2018
2018 NEW ITEM : AEROBLADE-5R (Quantity Limited)


  Quantity Limited Release



AEROBLADE-5R, structured by the A.C.T. + C (Advanced Composite Technology + Carbon) that has the combination of hyper glass fiber, high strength and high modulusorganic synthesis fiber and twilled carbon material on the surface.


Quantity Limited Release

6 sizes from XS to XXL








size M : will start sales in early June 2018

the other sizes : will start sales from July


Color : Carbon
Size : XS(54-55cm)/S(55-56cm)/M(57-58cm)/L(59-60cm)/XL(61-62cm) /XXL(63-64cm)

Standard : JIS
Includes : Wind Shutter No.3



AEROBLADE-5R Main Specifications

・ A.C.T.+C (Advanced Composite Technology + Carbon) Structure adopted, limited quantity model.
・Color variation : 1 color (carbon) only, Size variation : 6 sizes, from XS to XXL.
・Better seal and quietness are achieved with DAF ratchet of double axis structure and with DAF-1 shield in 3D shape.
・Big shield lever with center-lock system.
・4-Shell size with 6 sizes range realizes fine fitting, light weight and compactness.
・Trims at the bottom is designed for easy to put on / take off of the helmet.
・Prepared for 100% MAX VISION Wide type DAF Pinlock® Original Insert Lens (option).
・Kabuto original micro ratchet buckle. Multiple teeth engagements and release lever pivot system makes it possible to adjust the buckle securely and finely.
・Glasses friendly cheek pad shape.

☆for more information about AEROBLADE-5 and AEROBLADE-5R, please check our English version of "Motorcycle Helmet Catalog 2018" online, page 13-14


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