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Oct, 15, 2018

【NEW】ARS-3 SHIELD "Photochromic"


 "Photochromic" is newly added to the ARS-3 Shield lineups.

 ARS-3 SHIELD (ARS-3), an optional shield for "AERO-R1", originally supplied exclusive to professional riders prioritized on practicability at actual games*1, which responded to the pro-riders' demands of light weight and color shields. However, with the strong demand of many users who find ARS-3, we realized commercialization。

"Clear Photochromic *2" to be added this time has a visible light transmittance of 88% at the lightest state, and at the darkest state it is 28%. With a single shield, it covers wide range of color state conditions. UV transmittance ratio is under 0.1%.


Image of Visible Light Transimattance Change

From 88% at the lightest state, to 28% at the darkest state.

* This color chart is only for reference, and it may differ from the actual vision.

Clear Photochromic



* 1 Priority on practical use

Please be noted that this is made originaly for "exclusive to professional riders" which prioritized on practicability at actual games, there may be injection marks (creases) around the nose area at the production process, however this will not hinder your vision.

* 2 Clear Photochromic

<NOTE on Photochromic Shield>

Photochromic lens is induced by ultraviolet (UV) irradiation. As so when it is under the UV light, it darkens, and when the UV light is blocked, it will not darkens.

The color shifting speed and color density may vary according to the usage environment.

Photochromic lens will degrade with age, causing the color shifting property gets desensitized.

Do not store in a place where it is exposed to direct sunlight, inside a car under the scorching sun, or in a drying room etc. Also avoid high temperature and high humidity place.



■ ARS-3 SHIELD Photochromic

Color : Clear Photochromic

Reference Weight : 28g

Material : Poly Carbonate

Adaptable Helmet Model : AERO-R1

Includes : ARS-3 Photochromic Shield x 1pc, Exclusive Cross Bag x 1

Visible Light Transmittance Rate : 28-88%(measured in-house)

UV Transmittance Rate : less than 0.1%



■ ARS - 3 SHIELD Photochromic Main specifications

· Realized commercialization due to the strong demand of many users watching ARS-3 for player supply.

· Lightweight design with shield weight of 28 g. It is about 50% lighter than the standard shield.

· Visible light transmittance is 88% at the lightest and 28% at the darkest state.

· UV transmittance ratio is less than 0.1%.

· Covering a wide range of conditions with a single shield without replacing the shield.

· Adopted aerodynamic shape considering reduction of air resistance.

▼Reference Movie 「BIcycle Helmet Impression by Kabuto Pro-Athletes」

※ARS-3 Shield Impression【Kabuto Active Channel】

Please check 2018 Kabuto Bicycle Helmet and Gear Catalog English version page 15 for ARS-3 Shield


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