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Oct, 12, 2018

【INFORMATION】ZENARD-EX, the 2019 New Model Will be Unveiled at 2018 Japan Cup



"ZENARD-EX" will be reveiled at the Kabuto booth of '' 2018 Japan Cup Cycle Road Race ,

which will be held from Saturday, October 20, 2018. We all welcome your visit.

"Kabuto CONCEPT (Kabuto Concept) * 1" which specializes in the three performances Kabuto considers necessary for the bicycle helmet and provides the best performance according to the application.

"ULTRA AERO" on model "AERO - R1" with extremely high aerodynamic performance,

"ULTRA LIGHT" on model "FLAIR" with extreme lightness, and

"ULTRA COOL" on the flagship model "ZENARD" with extremely cool feeling performance.

Now the ZENARD has evolved further and is newly born as "ZENARD-EX".


 "ZENARD-EX" adopts a number of technologies in order to realize a superb fit, in addition to the air flow demonstrating the best cooling sensation performance in the history of Kabuto.

This is the new flagship model evolved with "ULTRA FIT" featured on "ULTRA COOL"


Functions & Technology


"New technology realizing superb fit"


"Boa® Fit System" adopted to "KBF - 1" adjuster


Kabuto developed the newly adopted "KBF - 1 adjuster" equipped with "Boa ® Fit System * 2" that enables fine adjustment and uniform tightening to fit the head. KBF-1 Adjuster is adjustable at the height in four levels, realizing a comfortable fit.

zenard-ex_1.jpg zenard-ex_1b.jpg

KBF-1 Adjuster equipped with Boa® Fit System

*"Boa®" is the registered trademark of Boa Technology Inc.

Adjustable height in 4 levels


●Inner pad with built-in air channel plate

On "ZENARD-EX", it realized the excellent fitting by incorporating an "Air Channel Plate" ,which is for smooth air flow, into the inner pads at the forehead and top of the head, and the ZENRAD's superior airflow cooling effect remains intact.



"Ultra sweat pad" prevents sweat from running through your face

 In addition to standard "Normal Inner Pad Set (7 mm thick)" , "Ultra Sweat Pad" is packaged for excessive perspiration.

"Ultra Sweat Pad" has floating structure, that prevents intrusion of sweat running through your face, and it efficiently guides sweat to the left and right. So that you are not distracted from running by sweat drippings.





[Cooling performance inheriting from ZENARD]

 In order to improve the cooling performance, the technology of ZENARD which thoroughly pursued the flow of air has inherited on the new flagship model "ZENARD-EX" as well.

●Large air inlet for taking in fresh air

The large air inlet openings located in front of the helmet raised the air introduction rate. Moreover, we have established a large opening at the forehead part and established aggressive air flow.



Lightweight, highly rigid "Reinforcement Bridge" and "Double Layered Shell" structure

 "Reinforcement Bridge" is designed for simultaneously securing a large air intake and rigidity,and the "Double Layered Shell structure " for overlapping the foam liner portion with two kinds of shell, namely, sharp edge part and large face part. By adopting these structures, the best synergy from the impact absorption performance and weight reduction is obtained.

Reinforcement Bridge Double Layered Shell


The shape of the narrowed tail portion reduces the air resistance in the forward-inclined running position

 The shape of narrowing-down tail part, which is one of the iconic features of ZENARD, makes it possible to reduce the air resistance to the surface of the helmet, for example when you take a forward-inclined running position.



●Enriched inner pad set

For "ZENARD - EX", inner pads are available in various types depending on the application and the season.
In addition to the standard "inner inner pad set (7 mm thick)", these three items are packed : "AI net * 4" adopted nano-technology deodorant fiber "MOFF ® * 3" ; "Winter inner pad" for winter season, which suppresses the invasion of wind; and "Ultra sweat pad" with a floating structure that prevents the intrusion of sweat into the eyes and guides it to the left and right of the forehead efficiently.

zenard-ex_8.jpg zenard-ex_9.jpg zenard-ex_10.jpg zenard-ex_8a.jpg

Normal Inner Pad set

(attached as standard)

A.I. Net


Winter Iner Pad


Ultra Sweat Pad



●Ultra thin type chinstrap adopted "MOFF®"

 Lightweight "ultra-thin type chinstrap" with nano-technology deodorant fiber "MOFF® * 3" for chinstrap is adopted.



●"Safety" and " Asian Fit "

 By adopting a round shape design that matches and accommodates well the Asian head, we materialize "safety" and "Asian Fit" as basic performance for all products categories ranging from competition models to city use models.

kabuto_bc2018_catalog_eng 8.jpg









Color : total 5 colors

Size : S/M and L






※1 「Kabuto CONCEPT」

With the introduction of Flare, Kabuto's high-end model lineup is Kabuto's new proposal of selecting high-performance models specialized for specific performance, and selecting a helmet according to the application.

● ULTRA COOL : ZENARD (Zenard) with the greatest cooling sensation performance

● ULTRA LIGHT : FLAIR with extreme lightness

● ULTRA AERO: Aero-R1 (Aero / R1) with extremely high aerodynamic performance


※2 Boa® Fit System

"Boa® fit system" is a system customized according to the characteristics and application of each product to be mounted. The three elements of fine adjustable dial, lightweight, super strong lace, and frictional resistance suppression guide are united, provides accurate and optimum fit. "Boa®" is a registered trademark of Boa Technology Inc.




"MOFF®" neutralizes and deodorizes the origin of odor by a new deodorizing method (nano-technology) completely different from the conventional one. Compared to activated charcoal, its effect reaches "10 times in absorption rate of malodor " · "100 times in adsorption level". "MOFF®" is the trademark registration by Proje Japan Co., Ltd.

※4 A.I. Net

A.I.Net = Anti-Insect (Anti Insect Net) is an inner pad that wraps the entire head, which is a hybrid structure of a mesh net and cushion pad, mainly for prevention of insect infestation from air intake.


Sales start in 2019 SPRING

Color : Matte WHite, Matte Black, White REd, Black Green, Navy BLue
Size (reference weight) : S/M(N.A.)、L/XL(N.A.)

Standard : JCF (Japan Cycling Federation) Certified

■ZENARD-EX Main Specification 

- In addition to the air flow to demonstrate the highest cooling sensation performance in Kabuto history, a number of technologies are adopted in order to realize a superb fit.

- Developed the newly adopted "KBF - 1 adjuster" equipped with "Boa ® Fit System * 2" that allows fine adjustment and uniform tightening to fit the head.

- Built-in "air channel plate" in the inner pad, realizing the best fitting while keeping the cooling effect by ZENRAD's excellent airflow.

- Included a floating structure "Ultra Sweat Pad" that prevents the sweat running through your face from the forehead, and efficiently guids sweats to the left and right of the forehead.

- Increase the air introduction rate by providing a large opening "air inlet" that takes air located in front of the helmet inside the helmet.

- A large opening in the forehead part established active air flow. ·

-For rigidity reinforcement, "Reinforcement Bridge" and "Double Layered Shell structure" are adopted. ·

-A shape narrowing down the tail part which is iconic of ZENARD enables reduction of air resistance to the surface of the helmet, for example in the case of a forward-inclined form.

- In addition to "Normal inner pad set" equipped as standard, "A.I.Net" "Winter inner pad" and "Ultra sweat pad" are packaged.

- Adopt a lightweight "ultra-thin type chin strap" using chin-strap nano-technology deodorant fiber "MOFF®". ·

-Adopted "safety" and "Asian Fit" as basic performance for all Kabuto products, by designing its shape rounder to fit Asian head shape. ·




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