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Apr, 04, 2019


Fusion of Aerodynamics and Air Flow

Comfortable aero model that realized aerodynamics and smooth air flow in fusion.


Functions & Technology                    


●Valued Both Air Flow and Aero Form

 The configuration adopted on the Aero-R1 is arranged to enhance air flow characteristics; they are air inlet holes for massive air inducement together with rear outlet holes. Forcibly blowing out the hot air from inside the helmet.

aero-v1_1.jpg (image)


●Optional Shield is available to attach

Magnets for attaching shields are already embedded in the helmet shell. AR-3 shield and ARS-3 shield for AERO-R1 are optionally available for use on Aero-V1 as well.

image with AR-3 Shield (optional parts)
aero-v1_9.jpg aero-v1_8.jpgのサムネイル画像
AR-3 Shield (option) ARS-3 Shield (option)


For more information about AR-3 Shield and ARS-3 Shield, please check from below link.


●Ultra Sweat Pad-02 (Optionally Available)

Ultra Sweat Pad-02 is optionally available. Ultra Sweat Pad has floating structure that prevents intrusion of sweat from running through your face, and efficiently guides sweat to the left and right keeping you from being distracted by sweat drippings while running.

※ Make sure to choose and purchase "Ultra Sweat Pad -02".

"Ultra Sweat Pad-01" is not attachable on this model.

Ultra Sweat Pad-02


Inner Pads

 Aero-V1 is available with different types of interior pads.


Standard and attached at factory: Normal Inner pad set (7mm thickness)

Packaged in a box: A.I. Net

aero-v1_4.jpg aero-v1_5.jpg
Normal Inner Pad set A.I.Net



XF-7 Adjuster is adjustable at three positions of up and down.



"MOFF® Chin Strap

 Chinstraps are made with instant deodorization material, "MOFF®"



 Color Variations

aerov1_g1_mattewhite_a.jpg aerov1_g1_matteblackwhite.jpg aerov1_g1_mattegunmetal.jpg
G-1Matte White G-1Matte Black White G-1Matte Gunmetal
aerov1_g1_mattenavyblue.jpg aerov1_g1_mattered.jpg aerov1_g1_mattebluegray.jpg
G-1Matte Navy Blue G-1Matte Red G-1 Matte Blue Gray




Sales starts in April from Registard stores of Crash Replacement Program

Color:G-1 Matte White、G-1 Matte Black White、G-1Matte Gunmetal、G-1 Matte Navy Blue、G-1 Matte Red、G-1 Matte Blue Gray

Size (reference weight): S/M(215g)、L/XL(235g)
※Weight with Normal Inner Pads

Standard: JCF

*Helmet Crash Replacement Prodgram Produc

This is subjected to be purchased and subscribed at registered store only. For details, please contact the registered stores.



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