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May, 15, 2019


The first ever to equip the IR(Info-Red) protection Shield.



KAMUI-3」 comes with CF-1W UIC Shield (UIC clear), that uses materials cuts 74% of IR(infrared ray) added to UV (Ultraviolet ray) protection performance.  


Functions & Technology                    


●UV & IR Protection Shield, with the heat ray screen material by TEIJIN LIMITED.

UV & IR protection shield is made from high performance polycarbonate by TEIJIN LIMITED, which cuts UV (Ultraviolet ray) and IR (Infrared ray). It has heat ray shielding property that uppresses the temperature rise generated by the infrared rays of sunlight. This shield reduce the heat transfer to the inside of the helmet while maintaining the clear view, which is the most important performance as a helmet shield.

kamui-3_1.jpg kamui-3_2.jpg

*material that cuts Infrared ray 74% and ultraviolet ray 99%

*Chart on the right side shows the temperature suppression effect inside the helmet. Black line shows CF-1W shield (clear) which is the KAMUI-2 standard shield, and blue line shows CF-1W UIC Shield (UIC Clear) , the KAMUI-3 standard shield. (-- measured the temperature inside of the helmet by irradiating 300W incandescent lamp.)


●Newly Designed Inner Sunshade Covers Wide View Area

Exclusively designed big inner sunshade is equipped standard. This demonstrates power in scenes with strong glare and sunshine.


Newly Designed Inner Sunshade Covers Wider View Area


●New Fitting Lning Wraps Up Your Face Comfortably

Linings gently wraps up to your neck with comfortable fitting, and allows smooth putting on and off the hlemet. Also, COOLMAX® material is used for all the areas where your skin touches.

kamui-3_4a.jpg kamui-3_16a.jpg kamui-3_5a.jpg
Newly Designed Linings Smooth Detach and Attach COOLMAX® material


●More Glasses Friendly Cheek Pad Shape

New stitching pattern enabled its shape more friendly to wear glasses and sunglases smoothly.

*vary between individuals due to glasses and face shapes


More Glasses Friendly Cheek Pad


Intercom Attachment Space

On both side of the helmet, attachment space for intercom or camera is arranged, together with attachment route for its cables. This allows smart attachment without showing the cables from speakers and etc.

※some of special shaped devices are not attachable.

kamui-3_7.jpg kamui-3_8a.jpg

image of income attachment position

Space for attachment-stay for intercom or camera


Stylish Compact Design

Efficient layout of parts and shell design allowed compact design.

Stylish Compact Desgin


●Wake Stabilizer (patented)

Kabuto's technology: Controls the air around the helmet and decreases the pressure to the rider.


Wake Stabilizer


●Easy Operating Ventilation System

Total four ventilation are designed to be in shapes to operate easy. Efficiently inlet the outer cold air and emit hot air inside the hlemt.


Ventilation System


●Wide Type Pinlock® Original Insert Lens, and Newly Designed Breath Guard.

Wide type 100%MAX VISION Pinlock® Original Insert Lens is available as option.

Also enhanced air discharge area disigned in thin new breath guard helps retards shield's fogging.

kamui-3_16.jpg kamui-3_12.jpg
100MAX VISION Pinlock® Original Insert Lens<Option> Newly Designed Breath Guard


● Wind Shutter

Reduce air incursions in from underneath chin. Detachabe depending on a season and purposes.

Reduce air incursions in from underneath chin. Detachable depending on usage.


Wind Shutter

 Detachable depending on a season and

●Double Action Type Micro Ratchet Buckle


Micro Ratchet Buckle


●2-Shells, 5-sizes


Two-shell sizes with five sizes range achieved fine ffiting, light weight and compactness.


190110_kabuto2166.jpg 190110_kabuto2141.jpg 190110_kabuto2176.jpg
Pearl White

Black Metallic

Flat Black
190110_kabuto2151.jpg 190110_kabuto2163.jpg
Shiny Red Cool Gunmetal




Color:Pearl White、Black Metallic、Flat Black、Shiny Red、Cool Gunmetal
Size :XS(54-55cm)/S(55-56cm)/M(57-58cm)/L(59-60cm)/XL(61-62cm)
Standard : JIS
Normal Shield:CF-1W UIC shield(UIC Clear) 
※Pinlock® Original Insert Lens is an optional parts
〈option〉 Wind Shutter No.4 



☆For more details of Kamui-3, please check our English Web Catalog p07-10.

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