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Jun, 20, 2019

【NEW】Daily Use Helmet [SICURE]


 A lightweight hat-type bicycle helmet "SICURE" that meets the "SG Standard * 1" is released.

In recent years, "battery-assisted bicycle" used for various purposes such as shopping, commuting, attending school, sending children to and from preshool, and etc., have been increasing their sales volume due to its handiness and convenience. On the one hand, it is also known that head injuries due to falls while riding bicycle are increasing, particularly in the elderly persons, accounting for 20% of the total number of bicycle accidents (approximately 20,000 cases a year), and single fall accidents are also prominent. . In addition, the percentage of deaths due to head injuries is high on age over 65. This shows that for the elderly people, in particular, realistic and effective measures to reduce damage are urgently needed. * 2

With such backgrounds, there have been many requests from related organizations and users for hat-shaped helmets that can be used comfortably on everyday use.

"SICURE" is the domestic "SG standard" certified helmet, with the concept of "reliable for everyday life" in order to reduce the risk in all generations. sicure_2.jpg

Certified as SG (Safe Goods) Standard for Bicycles Helmet, by Japan Consumer Product and Safety Association.

A Soft Shell Helmet with compact, lightweight and Asian head shape design, It gives the looks of elegance with ribbon at the rear of the helmet cover.


A wide brim of the hat plays the role of a sunshade for sunny seasons. In addition, flip-up structure of the brim with a ribbon suppresses fluttering during riding and ensures visibility. (Patent pending)


 *Make sure to flip-up the brim of the hat to secure the vision, while riding.

In addition, the back of the hat and the collar is accentuated with reflective maerials, to improve the visibility at night by car and motorcycle lights.





Beige Charcole Brown


*1 SG Standard

he SG standard is defined by the Consumer Product Safety Association, and helmets carry out several severe tests such as shock absorption, chin strap strength and roll-off. There is a remedies (restitution) system in case of personal injury caused by product failure. (by General Association for Product Safety Product Safety Association

* 2 From Traffic accident comprehensive analysis center report

● A head death accident while riding a bicycle for mature elderly people

● Analysis of accident and measures for elderly people while riding bicycles

Color:Beige, Charcole, Brown

Size (reference weight):54〜57cm(345g)
<SG Standard>




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