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Aug, 07, 2019
2019 NEW MODEL: 301 (EYE WEAR)

【NEW】301 Series (eye wear)

Eyewear to vanquish wind, light, and harshness for aggressive activity.



 「301」 the new eye wear series with "ASIAN FIT " is released. By utilizing the know-how accumulated in Kabuto, 301 can be used securely, safely and comfortably for many people in various sports scenes such as running, trekking, playing tennis and golf, as well as on cycle sports,

There are 3 variations of the 301 series. Model [301D] with a "DOCK " to protect the eyes from wind, dust, and lights , the model [301DPH] with high-performance light adjustment lens set to DOCK, and [301] with high spec lens (NXT lens). You can choose according to your activity environment.


301DPH_FGR_A1.jpg 301_WHT_A1.jpg
301D 301DPH 301


[301 series Common Specifications]

■ "ASIAN FIT" model for Asian Head Shape

From the frame design, lens shape design, and nose pad thickness design, Kabuto's "ASIAN FIT ", knows every details of the Asian head. This greatly reduces "headache" and "discomfort" when worn the eye wear for a long time.



Adjustable Nose Pad

"Adjustable nose pad" with metal frame that can adjust nose fitting freely.

Adjustable Nose Pad



For the frame material, 301 adopt the upper grade "TR-90NZZ" of high functional polyamide made by EMS, which has excellent physical properties in terms of toughness, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and weather resistance. In addition, "301D" "301DPH" "301" frame supports both normal lens and DOCK. It can be exchanged according to the situation.

301_9.jpg 301_10.jpg
Frame material:TR-90NZZ DOCK and LENS can be replacable (doc and lens are optionally available)


Optional parts

In addition, as an option, "Temple Pad" ic line-uped with 6 colors. It is easily exchangeable, so you can also enjoy color coordination casually.


Temple Pads



[301D/301DPH Specifications]


▼ Model with DOCK to protect eyes from wind, dust, and with shading

The 301D / 301DPH is a model equipped with "DOCK" that protects the eyes from "wind, dust, light" and so on.






■ About wind and dustproof performance of DOCK

"CFD analysis (3D Computational Fluid Analysis)" that we use for development of helmets is also used for the DOCK designing for more effective windproof and dustproof performance.


CFD analysis (3D Computational Fluid Analysis)


■ Shading Performance of DOCK

The 301 series DOCK features a design covers up to the both side along the frame curve, to block light and reduce the burden on the eye.


Blocks light coming in around the lens


[301D/301DPH Lenses]

■ 301D "Anti-Fog Light Smoke"

"Anti-fog light smoke (visible light transmittance 54%)" lens are attached to 301D. This lens provides natural color which is gentle to eyes not too bright or too dark.


Anti-Fog Light Smoke


■301DPH lens "Anti-Fog Clear Photochromic"

"Anti-Fog Clear Photochromic" lens is attached on the 301DPH. This photochromic lens significantly improves the light control speed compared to conventional products. Furthermore, the range of change in visible light transmittance is wide, which is from 81% to 17%, making it a high-performance lens that can handle any situation without lens replacement.


Anti-Fog Clear Photochromic Lens (color shifts from transmittance rate 81% to 17% depending on the UV light irradiation)

  (Caution) Photochromic color shifting speed and color density may vary according to the usage environment. Photochromic lens will degrade with age, causing the color shifting property gets desensitized.

■About Anti Fog

"Both sides Anti Fog Treatment" on the DOCK lenses.

Both Side Anti-Fog Treatment


■ Exchanging Lens to Prescription Lenses

The 301D / 301DPH DOCK lenses are easy to replace with prescription lenses. The DOCK lens is fixed on the frame by the same V-groove as the glasses, so special cutting processing is not required thus reasonable to make prescription sports sunglasses . ※ Please consult with your optician before purchasing products and ordering them the prescription lenses. Kabuto does not arrange prescription lenses, and we do not accept any complaint, relating to prescription lenses themselves.



Matte Black Frozen Gray




Matte Black Frozen Gray




Color: Matte Black, Frozen Gray
Included lens color (visible light transmittance): Anti-fog light smoke (visible light transmittance 54%)

UV transmittance rate: 0.1% or less (common to all colors)
Special lens coating: Both side anti-fog coating

Lens curve: 6 curves

Accessories: Kabuto Soft Case 1, Kabuto Lens Cross 1


Color: Matte Black, Frozen Gray

Included lens color (visible light transmittance): Anti-fog clear light control (81% to 17%)

UV transmittance rate: 0.1% or less (common to all colors)
Special lens coating: Double-sided anti-fog coating

Lens curve: 6 curves

Accessories: Kabuto Soft Case 1, Kabuto Lens Cross 1

[301 Specification] 

▼ "301" with High Contrast NXT Lens

301 is a high spec lens adopted model that supports all aggressive sports.



[301 Lense]

■ 301 Lens "NXT Spectrum Smoke"

The "NXT Spectrum Smoke (30%)" lens that comes with the 301 is a high specification lens that combines natural color, high contrast, optical performance, and high strength, jointly developed with a lens manufacturer. Provides an unprecedented vision experience.

NXT Spectrum Smoke


[Image of vision difference]

301_14.jpg 301_15.jpg
NXT Spectrum Mauve Lens Conventional Smoke Lens


■Natural Colors with High Contrast

While suppressing changes in color, it cuts off light of a specific wavelength that interferes with visual perception. Achieved a clear and natural view.



■Optical Performance

The manufacturing process of the NXT lens is Intelcast's proprietary technology, which is almost finished handmade one by one. Careful finishing prevents distortion of the lens that often occurs in mass production. In addition, NXT is a material that does not easily cause color bleeding (chromatic aberration), and when used as a lens, secures a clear view.

Image of difference of chromatic aberration


Low chromatic aberration / Large chromatic aberration


■ Strength

NXT is a material created by the US Army's ultra-lightweight protector development project, and meets the strict criteria that crack and non-distortion accurate vision can be achieved even under high impact such as bullets.

■ 301 spare lens "Water Repellent Light Pink"

Spare lens "water-repellent light pink (visible light transmittance: 78%)" has high visible light transmittance and fits to use in the early morning, at night, in dark conditions such as in tunnels. By replacing the lens, you can wear 301 in a wide range of scenes.


Water Repellent Light Pink (lens)


Color: Matte Black, Matte White

Included lens color (visible light transmittance): NXT Spectral Smoke (30%), Water Repellent Light Pink (78%)
UV transmittance rate: 0.1% or less (common to all colors)

Special lens coating: Both side water repellent coating ( on Water Repellent Light Pink lens only)

Lens Curve: 8 Curve

Decenter design to reduce the prism effect and reduce the discomfort due to the distortion of the field of view.



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