Safety Meets Style.

Pursuing New Innovation with Safety and Style The helmet created by remarkable technology and uncompromising quality to protect your life and to boost your identiy.
OGK KABUTO's helmets are created and innovated by those two concepts.

OGK KABUTO develops unique products based on the safety. OGK KABUTO manufactures a wide range of helmets from children to elders and from beginners to professionals. We take safety as the universal value and style as the corresponding value. When they encounter, OGK KABUTO products are to be created.

The Quality of Heart.

To pursue developing the best products and producing the one satisfies professionals, OGK KABUTO always keeps in mind that we can make even better one. This challenging sprit has been motivating us to develop more than 100 kinds of helmets. OGK KABUTO takes the words, "The Quality of Heart" as the mind slogan. For safety and for trust. OGK KABUTO further progress together with you as a manufacturer.

Company Name OGK KABUTO Co.,Ltd.
Operational Started September,1982
Representative Hidehito Kimura,CEO

Head Office

6-3-4,Nagatanishi,Higashi-Osaka, 577-0016,Japan

Mikuriya Warehouse


Kizuri Distribution Center/Factory


Qingdao Factory(Qingdao KABUTO Safety Product Co.,Ltd.)

Business Line

Motorcycle Helmets,Bicycle Helmets(Toddler to Adult),
Athletic Helmets,and Accessories

Capital Fund 20 million yen
Head-Count 80(As of July,2012)
Group OGK Co.,Ltd. / KOREA OGK Co.,Ltd.


September, 1948 Established "OSAKA GRIP MFG. Co., Ltd. (current OGK Co., Ltd.)"
September, 1970 Starting a Business as Utility Sales Dept. of OSAKA GRIP MFG. Co., Ltd.
September, 1982 Established "OGK HANBAI Co., Ltd."
Independent from OSAKA GRIP MFG. Co., Ltd.
Started Production and Sales of Motorcycle and Bicycle Helmets
November, 1986 Relocated the Head Office in Mikuriya, Higashi-Osaka City
October,1994 Opened a Helmet Factory in Nagata, Higashi-Osaka City
February, 1997 Started Helmet Production in Qingdao, Chengyang District, China
February, 2006 Opened a Distribution Center in Kizuri, Higashi-Osaka City
July, 2006 Renamed the Company Name into "OGK KABUTO Co., Ltd."
Relocated the Head Office in Nagata, Higashi-Osaka City
December, 2006 Renamed the Factory in Qingdao into Qingdao KABUTO Safety Product Co., Ltd.
July, 2011 Established "KABUTO EUROPE B.V."
Located in Den Haag, The Netherlands
To establish and expand business in Europe


ATTENTION! The products on the website are mainly for Japanese market. Please contact your local distributor for the available Kabuto products in your country.

Product specifications and price may be changed without prior notice. The photos may differ from the actual color of the products due to image processing.
We do not offer mail-order service nor direct sales.

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