Kabuto world report: Terengganu rider Batmunkh wins a stage in Tour de Tochigi, Japan.

Kabuto world report: Terengganu rider Batmunkh wins a stage in Tour de Tochigi, Japan.

Report: Koichiro NAKAMURA

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Crowned by KABUTO helmet, with KABUTO eyewears and a gloves, Malaysia based TERENGGANU CYCLING TEAM is building up their reputation globally. For these several years, team have been actively participating in the UCI races held in Japan, which is the home country of OGK KABUTO.

Tour of Japan in May is said to be their regular races in these years, and this year, Terengganu participated Tour de Tochigi, the Japan's first "Line Race" (race with the start and goal differs).


Tour de Tochigi was held in mid March. There is a saying in Japanese "Three cold four warm", which means in the winter -spring transition period, there is 3 days of cold days and 4 warm day follow. and the climate where it goes exactly by this saying.The week before was pretty much warm, but the racing days was in this 3 cold day. The Tochigi Prefecture where the race is held and where it'S name comes from, is located 100 km north of Tokyo. Severely cold marking 5 degrees Celsius on the 3 day stage race.


This climate is quite difficult for the Terengganu Cycling Team started their 2017 races in the southern countries such as the Tour de Philippine, Tour de Langkawi, and with having warm Malaysia as their home base.

Terengganu took double ace tactics in this race.One is the sprinter of the team, Malaysia Champion Mohd Zamri Salleh (MAS), who has won 3rd place in the 3rd stage of Tour de Langkawi this year.However, in this cold weather, "It is cold. There are opportunities but it may be difficult. Howeverm I'd like to work for the team somehow." he declares.


"KABUTO's new helmet, AERO-R1. I am wearing it from this year and I was the first one to test on the team and I am very proud of itself. I honestly do not know the aero effect itself, but what I exactly feel is that this is light and very comfortable when keep wearing them. I have been using KABUTO since 2010, and KABUTO always listens to riders' opinions and continues to improve. That's the most pleasing and best part of all."


And the other ace is Adiq Husainie Othman (MAS). During this year's early training camp in Australia, he injured his knee and had operation. This are will be his first race returning from disappointment.


"I used to ride at temperatures around 35 degrees, so this 5 degrees feels very cold. But I have to do what I should do as a pro cyclist, so I hope to have a stage victory somehow."


And as their words, the Terenganu team riders won its second stage. In the low temperature, many teams attacks and try to get the control of the peloton, 13 riders attempted to get out, and succeeded after 40 min from the start. The 13 riders extended the lead to nearly 2 minutes, in the short 100 km course, and all ended up with a goal sprint. It was the Mongolian rider Maral-Erdene Batmunkh (MGL) of Terengganu who took the victory at the last moment of the Sprint.


Batmunkh's grandfather was a cycling coach who organized variously to raise Mongolian cycling competition level. Grandfather and his father, the family affair to the cycling sports, Maral has raced for Chinese team, and transferred to Terengganu team last year. Immediately after the transfer, in January 2016 he won the U23 Asian Road Championship Road in Izu Oshima, Japan and then won the Mongolian Time Trial Championship. The first major result in 2017 celebrates his second year of professional, satisfied stage win at the Tour de Tochigi. Of course, wearing KABUTO's new aero helmet, AERO-R1 with this win.


"I was the only member from my team in the top group, so it was a very tough deployment. The temperature did not bother me much. Mongolia is also colder as here and I always practiced in these conditions. I am happy to win this high speed race."


Batmunkh's final stage was a bit disappointing. There was a miss-course just in front of the goal line, and he's sprinting timing was taken away with peloton's confusion. 20th place was what he got and overall ranking was 13th place. Still though, it was one of the UCI race which showed the strength of Terengganu Cycling Team to the world.



Even in Tour de Langkawi, or in Tochigi, Japan, Terengganu cycling team is increasing their power of presence in the world like this race. KABUTO is proud of keeping their heads, eyes, and hands safe, and keep growing & improving together.

Keep your eyes on riders continuing to ride and making successes with KABUTO.

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