【Kabuto World riders report 】 Kabuto world cycle athlete nowadays information.

[ Kabuto World riders report ]
Vol.1 30 / 1 /2015

Kabuto world cycle athlete nowadays information.

Hello Folks!

This is "Kabuto", the Japanese quality Cycling helmet. Born in Japan, worn worldwide.
Top pro athletes wears our helmet and smashing their way to the victory.
We will be reporting here, how the world Kabuto riders ride,
what they do, and way of expressing themselves.


Wyn Masters (Team:BULLS)

Categories:MTB DH, Freeride
Rider wearing Kabuto helmet, introducing Wyn Masters, the Kiwi New Zealand rider.

Riding for BULLS gravity team, around top 20th results in World cups, and is definitely focused on the scene and the net.
In his Facebook and Instagram, Wyn is hyperly spreading the video "Wyn TV", which covers all from front and behind the scene with his good vibe.
wyn3.jpeg▼Facebook [Wyn TV]
For every Wednesday fun, Wyn brings "Wheelie Wednesday" to show his weekly nice wheelie. This time, he " manuals" his way on BMX course.
"Manual" is the every mountain bike riders' eternal dream technic. Beautifully Wyn shows it.

▼[Wheelie Wednesday 150128] by Wyn Masters

This video is from Queensland, New Zealand. Can you see what helmet he wears on the bottom of the window?
Photo from WynTV Facebook


Photo from WynTV Facebook



Category:MTB world traveller
Tobias, Woggon, the Kabuto worn rider.
Toby does ride MTB, but he is not a racer. What the world calls him, is the "MTB world traveller".


Using the versatileness and freedom of mountain bike, riding all around the world, videoed or photoed where he ride, spreading them to the world. Riding Ibis' new Mojo HD3 as his traveling partner.


First ride this year is the beach town in Italy, Finale.
From dark dawn, lighting the trail with light attached to his loved Kabuto helmet "Faro".
On the top of FARO, there's an attachment that would hold cameras and lights. Equipment makes your night ride more funky and happy.


Toby works as an ambassador of riding trails. This time he rides the trails going down to ocean. Watch them here.


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