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Apr, 16, 2020

【NEW COLOR】New colors are added to "AERO-V1" which realized aerodynamic performance by aero form and smooth air flow.


 *Shield on the picture is optionally available.

"AERO-V1" is designed to take in air efficiently inside the helmet while utilizing the aerodynamic characteristics of the top aero model "AERO-R1 (Aero R1)" . The air holes are arranged in a well-balanced manner to improve comfort with excellent cooling performance. As well as the AERO-R1, by enabling " shield (optionally available) *" installation, this aero model become suitable for several occations such as harsh racing, long riding and pottering in all cycle situations.


4 new colors : Matte White, Matte Black, G-2 Blue, G-2 Black 

aerov1_mattewhite.jpg aerov1_matteblack.jpg
Matte White Matte Black
aerov1_g2_blue.jpg aero_v1_g2_black.jpg
G-2 Blue
G-2 Black



Aero-V1 is optionally available to install AR-3 and ARS-3 Shield.

Please refer below link for shield details.

aero-v1_2020_2.jpg aero-v1_2020_3.jpg
ARS-3 Shield
AR-3 Shield

Image : Aero-V1 with ARS-3 Shield




Color: Matte White, Matet Black, G-2 Blue, G-2 Black

Size (reference weight) : S/M(215g)、L/XL(235g)
※weight are when installed with normal inner pad
<JCF Certified>


Aero model with aerodynamics and smooth airflow.
Efficiently and forcibly discharges the hot air inside the helmet that accumulates while riding, ensuring breathability even as an aero helmet.
With built-in magnets it cann be equipped with the "ARS-3" and "AR-3" shields (sold separately).
Floating structure "Ultra Sweat Pad-02" (sold separately) can be attached. This allows to prevent sweat from entering the eyes, which hinders concentration, and efficiently guides it to the left and right of the forehead.
"" is included, in addition to the standard "normal inner pad set (7 mm thick)".
Equipped with the "XF-7 Adjuster" that can be finely adjusted and which also is equipped on "AERO-R1" and "FLAIR".
Uses a lightweight "ultra thin chin strap" that adopted nanotech deodorant fiber "MOFF®" material.
Asian shape design that is close to a circle.



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