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Aug, 07, 2020
2020 NEW ITEM : PICOT (the smallest Childmet)



Kauto Childmet series,which has the No.1 share*1 in bicycle helmet domestic market. introduces "PICOT", which is the smallest size*2 in Japan

"The helmets in the markets are too big"

 This is the voices of one-year-old child's parents often we received. The same opinion was also found in some surveys conducted by ourselves on moms. In the past, there was also a tragic accident in which a three-seater bicycle could not protect a baby without a helmet from a fall accident.

Based on these facts, we advaned to the Product Safety Association in Japan to set even smaller than the smallest helmet in Japan. The "first helmet" PICOT for small children has been SG certified as the minimum size (45 cm ~・ AA head form).



 the size comparison image between Picot and oru convenetional former smallest size PINE


PICOT emphasizes comfort and design, as well as the safety required for bicycle helmets (SG standard product for bicycles*1). In order to reduce the burden on children, we have pursued a lightness and compactness of 220 g (for one small apple) and adopted a manufacturing method called "in-molding" that integrates the shock absorbing liner and soft shell.

The shell has a simple form that both boys and girls can wear it casually, and the color does not interfere with daily clothes or the Sunday best. This normcore conscious helmet accentuate children's cuteness.



Regarding the internal shape of the PICOT, we have partnered with a nursery schools for actual physical measurement sessions of numerous children. We are accumulating and analyzing a large number of head shape data, and based on these data, this helmet is designed with a shape close to a circle.



 Left : Helmet Shape of general western brands -- usually designed for longitudinally longer western oval head shape.

Right : OGK KABUTO's helmet shape -- designed for Asian round shape based on the domestic head shape data

As a comfortable equipment, Picot is equipped with an inner pad with embossed smile mark, which is easy to remove to wash for cleanness, and wraps child's head gently.

In addition, a size-adjustable fit band allows easy and speedy wearing without making trouble of parent's hands.



Aimed size is from 45 to 47 cm, and two colors are available: Matt Lavender Beige and Drop White.

 PICOT is the minimal domestic size set for a "first helmet" with a gentle design that is perfect for the first debut on a bicycle with children.


        マットラベンダーベージュ              ドロップホワイト

Left : Matte lavender Beige

Right : Drop White

*Number of bicycle helmets sold in Japan (SG standard product, research by OGK KABUTO)

※1 SG standard


SG Standard is a safety standard that specified by "Product Safety Association" for bicycle helmet. Several strict tests such as shock absorption, chin strap strength, etc. are conducted, then for items passed all these tests,the SG mark is allowed to attached on each product as a proof.

*2 Smallest size in Japan

The XXS size range has been newly added by the development of "PICOT", which is 45 to 47 cm, and smaller than our conventional smallest model "PINE" (47 to 51 cm · XS).

・Childmet website "Select from size"


 size (reference weight):45〜47cm(220g)


 Color:Matte Lavender Beige, Drop White

Standard : SG (for bicycle)

・45-47 cm XXS size, which is the minimum standard for domestic SG certification.

・By "in-molding", it is designed to be light, compact and easy to handle.

・A one-touch buckle is adopted on the chin strap.

・Reflect stickers are attached on the rear for safety.

・Equipped with a smile embossed inner pad which is easily removable and washable.


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