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Sep, 08, 2020



Kabuto will release the new graphic model "KAMUI-3 LEO"

"LEO" is a graphic design that dynamically lays out the "Lion the king of beasts" which have been adopted as symbols of courage and power since ancient times as heraldic arms,crown and checkered flag. Which imaged the stately king.

kamui3_leo_redyellow.jpg kamui3_leo_redyellow-rear.jpg
Red Yellow Red Yellow(BACK VIEW)
kamui3_leo_redyellow-side.jpg kamui3_leo_redyellow-up.jpg
Red Yellow(REAR VIEW) Red Yellow(UPPER VIEW)





★ About [KAMUI-3]

KAMUI-3」 comes with CF-1W UIC Shield (UIC clear), that uses materials cuts 74% of IR(infrared ray) added to UV (Ultraviolet ray) protection performance.  


Added to above mentioned "IR/UV protection performance shield", features such as the newly designed "large inner sunshade" that demonstrates power in scenes with strong sunsplash and sunlight, a newly designed "interior" that achieves both smooth wearing on/off of the helmet and comfortable fitting, and "special installation space" that took into consideration the installation of incomes, etc. ,are packed in this full-face helmet to make your motorcycle ride comfortable.

For more information about KAMUI-3, please check below links.

KAMUI-3 Release Info



※Sales starts from middle of September 2020 in Japan

Color:Red Yellow
Standard Shield:CF-1W UIC Shield(UIC Clear) 
※Pinlock® Original Insert Lens is optional
〈includes〉 Wind Shutter No.4


・CF-1W UIC shield which have UV & IR Protection property, with the heat ray screen material by TEIJIN LIMITED comes as standard equipment
・Newly Designed Inner Sunshade Covers Wide View Area
・New Fitting Lning Wraps Up Your Face Comfortably
・Full detachable and washable linings, with COOLMAX® material.
・More glasses friendly cheek pad allows easy put on and off of glasses.
・Intercom attachment space on both side.

・Stylish and Compact design is achieved by effective parts lay-out and shell design.
・Kabuto original patented air flow system WAKE STABILIZER (PAT No.4311691) is integrated.
・Four easy-to-operate ventilations.
・Wide type 100%MAX VISION Pinlock sheet(option) is attachable.
・Newly designed larger area breath guard is adopted in the contribution to less fogging inside of the shield.
・Micro-ratchet buckle for fine adjustment.
・2 Shell sizes, 5 helmet sizes.



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