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Dec, 11, 2020


REZZA-2 is an updated model of REZZA that allows you to attach a shield as a new comfortable equipment and achieved to be used for multiple purposes. Features compact and plain design body, air intake shape that fed back from higher models, removable visor and, etc. REZZA-2 is the high cost performance model that exceeds its grade.

New Graphic is added to Rezza-2 with two color variation.

G-2 Black Navy, and G-2 Black Red


rezza2_g2black-navy.jpg rezza2_g2red.jpg
G-2 Black Navy G-2 Black Red

rezza2_g2red_up.jpg rezza2_g2red_front.jpg rezza2_g2red_back.jpg


●Shield (sold separately)

By installing the "Shield Attachment-01" for REZZA-2 (sold separately), you can install the "AR-5 shield" and "ARS-3 shield" (sold separately).

rezza-2_5.jpg rezza-2_1.jpg
Shield Attachment-01 (optional parts) AR-5 Shield image

※The AR-3 shield used for AERO-R1 and VITT cannot be installed.
※The shield attachment is for "REZZA-2" exclusive.
※Shields cannot be attached to "REZZA"

For more details about Rezza-2, please refer below link.



Sale starts from Dec. 2020

Color: G-2 Black Navy, G-2 Black Red
Size (reference weight): M/L(215g)、XL/XXL(230g)
Standard : JCF


・By installing the REZZA-2 dedicated "Shield Attachment-01" (sold separately), you can install the "AR-5 shield" and "ARS-3 shield" (sold separately)

・The adjuster has been upgraded to the "XF-8 Adjuster," which gives you a comfortable support and a higher-grade fit, and can be adjusted in four levels up and down according to your head shape and your preference.

・"A.I.Net" is installed as a standard lining to prevent insects from entering.

・Includes a front visor that can be easily attached and removed according to the application and preference.



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