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Mar, 17, 2021
2021 : Kabuto MotoGP Riders


For the 2021 season Kabuto is betting on the growth of many young riders from Europe, Japan and Australia, who will be the champions of tomorrow. Between its athletes, the undisputed stars are Yari Montella (Italy), Kaito Toba (Japan) and Hikari Okubo (Japan), who will compete in the prestigious MotoGP Championship wearing the latest racing model by OGK KABUTO.

Yari Montella

(2000.5.1/ITALY・Team Speed Up)
Category:Moto2 World Championship


With eight wins out of eleven races and two second places, Yari Montella, the young star of professional motorcycle, is the first Italian to ever win the European FIM Cev Moto2 Championship. Born in 2000 near Salerno, he debuted in 2012 when, despite he was at the beginning of his career, he attracted the interest of numerous professionals after lining up two pole positions, one second place and two third places. In 2014 he won the "Italian Speed Championship" in the Sp 250 4T category and was awarded the "Casco d'Oro" and the "Hidden Talent" awards.

Last year Yari Montella has won the FIM Cev Moto2 Championship with the incredibly skilled Italian Speed Up team and he is the first Italian who has achieved this accomplishment. After troubled years in the Moto3 Championship, Yari Montella has developed resilience and the ability to look forward to the next goals: Yari, in fact, is ready to compete in the middle-class Moto2 Championship starting soon in Qatar.

▼Yari Montella Official Website

■Kaito Toba
(2000.4.7/Japan・CIP Green Power)
Category:Moto3™ World Championship


Kaito Toba, born in 2000 in Fukuoka, is the young Japanese rider who is mesmerizing all the observers of professional motorcycling. Like other unforgettable champions, Kaito knew what his path would become: he rode his first bike when he was only 5-year-old and started to dominate prestigious competitions as a teenager. He pushed his limits forward in order to become like his idol: Casey Stoner. After reigning in the Asian Talent Cup, he moved to MotoGp Rookis Cup and later in 2017 he joined the Moto3 Championship.

"On any bike, I ride to win". These words reflect the impetuous spirit of the young rider from Fukuoka, who can rely on the best equipment on the market by day, the spearhead of which is the game-changing helmet.

▼Kaito Toba Facebook

■Hikari Okubo
(1993.8.11/Japan・Avant Ajo MotoE)
Category:MotoE™ World Cup


Born in 1993 near Tokyo, Hikari Ōkubo is one of the stars of Japanese professional motorcyclists. Hikari, whose name means "light", started his successful career in 2008 when he debuted in the prestigious All Japan Road GP 125. After gaining experience in the national tournament, Hikari was ready for the promotion to the international competitions: in 2016 the Japanese rider moved over to the Supersport World Championship, where he turned into a top-class player.

The 2021 season marks a turning point for Hikari: joining Ajo Motorsport team, he is the first Japanese professional rider to ever compete in Moto-E international championship. Ōkubo is highly motivated and wants to build his success in this competition in order to be a role model for other Japanese athletes who have not been recognised yet. Having the assistance not only of a competent and close-knit team, but also of Kabuto's head gear guarantees him the confidence of high performance.

▼Hikari Okubo Official Website

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