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Apr, 09, 2021


"DAYS" is a lightweight hat-type bicycle helmet that meets the "SG standard * 1".

As a means of transportation to avoid crowds, and in response to the recent camping boom, various styles bicycles such as outdoor-conscious designs, mini velo types that are easy to load in cars, and foldable types are on sale. In such situation, there were many needs for helmets that can match comfortably in everyday life and outdoors. DAYS is born from the concept of "Let's go out being yourself ! " for all types of bicycles, and we want you to feel free to enjoy it as a fashion, regardless of the scene or user, as if you were wearing a regular hat.

-Bicycle helmet that is certified by a safe and secure domestic "SG" standard.


■DAYS image movie

■Helmet cover equipped on soft-type-shell

Designed based on domestic head shape data, a comfortable lightweight and compact soft shell is equipped with an outdoor-style hat (helmet cover) with particular three-dimensional pattern. As an accent, an outdoor-style drawcord is added to create active trait.

days_3.jpg days_4.jpg
Helmet cover is equipped on the soft-type-shell body Drawcord with the image of tent rope

■ Flip-up Brim

The helmet cover (hat) has a wide brim that acts as a shade, so you can wear it with confidence even in the season of the sunlight. Furthermore, the structure of the brim that flips up by squeezing the draw cord suppresses fluttering during riding and ensures visibility. (Patent pending)

Brim flip-up structure

Wide brim for sun protection. You can make the nuances as you like with the wire in the edge of the brim.

days_6.jpg days_5.jpg

* While riding bicycle, squeeze the drawcode and flip up the brim to ensure visibility. [Patent pending]

* Parallel bicycle riding is prohibited on public roads in Japan. (photographed in the park with permission).

Reflector that reflects on the car lights, shines brightly

Reflective mateiral is stitched on the back of the hat and the brim.These reflect car and motorcycle lights to improve visibility when riding at night.


■Size / Color


Kahki, Black

days_khaki.jpg days_khaki_front.jpg days_khaki_bihind.jpg

days_black.jpg days_black_front.jpg days_black_behind.jpg


※1 SG Standard

SG standards are set by the Product Safety Association, and helmets undergo multiple rigorous tests such as shock absorption, chin strap strength, and roll-off. There is a relief (compensation) system in the unlikely event that personal injury is found due to a defect in the product. (General Incorporated Association Product Safety Association


Color:Khaki, Black
Size (reference weight):54〜57cm(350g)
<SG Standard>

Lightweight and compact in-molded soft shell

SG standard certified bicycle helmet

The interiors are able to be removed

Equipped with reflective material on the rear head and brim.


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