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Apr, 05, 2021


"VOLZZA" is equipped with the latest technology inherited from the flagship model "IZANAGI", and which realize "air cooling function" by the excellent air route design , "wearing comfort" that enhances the sense of security by the semi-floating structure, and uniform tightening with "BOA® fit system" . It is a new middle class racing model that brings comfort beyond the class.

VOLZZA_whitesilver.jpg VOLZZA_whitesilver-rear.jpg VOLZZA_whitesilver-angle2.jpg


Functions & Technology

■Semi Floating Structure
Achieved stable fitting by uniformed tightning.

Semi-floating structure

■Better fitting for round type head shape

The shape of a human head varies by race, gender, and generation, and therefore varies greatly depending on the region where the helmet is sold and the target user. Many overseas brand helmets often adopt a vertically long oval shape, and in the area of Asian races, which often have a circular (round) head shape with a protruding temporal region, if the size does not match the actual head size, you may experience headaches or discomfort if you wear it forcibly, or you may be forced to wear a helmet that is one size larger to match the size.

Based on the head shape data that Kabuto has collected over the years, VOLZZA has been designed with the optimum shape so that many users can wear it comfortably

volzza-3.jpg volzza-4.jpg
Difference of head circumference shape between overseas brands and VOLZZA

■Air route designed more cooling efficiency than the same class models.

VOLZZA has an excellent air route design inherited from the Kabuto flagship model "IZANAGI", which boasts the highest air cooling efficiency, and an efficient air hole arrangement, so even in "air cooling performance comparison verification ★" with helmets of the same class. It demonstrates top-class air cooling efficiency.

※Intake and exhaust image using CFD analysis results

"Air-cooling performance comparison verification" with helmets of the same class by in-house wind tunnel experiments

[Verification conditions]

Measure the decrease time of the head surface temperature with our own wind tunnel equipment.

* Reference value for our own wind tunnel facility

[inspection result]

In-house wind tunnel experiments proved that the air cooling effect is up to "9%" higher than that of helmets of the same class.

volzza-1.jpg volzza-2.jpg
Comparison with helmets of equivalent class by in-house wind tunnel experiment Up to "9%" higher air cooling effeciency than helmets of the equivalent class

■KBF-2 Adjuster equipped with "BOA®Fit System" *1

Allows for uniform tightening and fine adjustments to the fit of the helmet. Large dial has a easy-to-catch on fingers design that makes quick, one-handed adjustments possible.

VOLZZA_A_2 2.jpg

KBF-2 Adjuster

*BOA® is a registered trademark of Boa Technology Inc.

■ 2 steps adjustable new mechanism headrest

A new concept support system (patent pending) that allows the width of the headrest to be adjusted in two stages, enabling fitting that matches not only the degree of tightening but also the shape of the back of the head, which varies greatly from person to person.

■ "up down 8 steps" adjustment function

The adjuster arm from the top of the head to the back of the head can be adjusted in 8 steps up and down. It provides a fine and excellent fit.

VOLZZA_A_3.jpg VOLZZA_A_4.jpg
New mechanism / headrest (patent pending) Adjuster arm (adjusted in 8 steps up and down)

Other Functions

■Chinstrap made from MOFF® odor-free fiber with additional water-repellency

Water repellency has been added to the chinstraps made from MOFF® odor-free fiber, which reduces the weight increase by absorbed sweat and keeps the strap feeling fresh against he skin.

Chin strap with water repellent added to instant deodorant fiber MOFF®

■ Two types of inner pads that can be selected according to the application

Two types of inner pads are set for VOLZZA. "Normal inner pad" that emphasizes breathability and " * 3" that prevent the invasion of insects (MOFF® is used for the mesh part). Can be used in various ways depending on the application.

■ COOLMAX® to maximize the air cooling effect

In addition to the original air-cooling performance of the helmet, the fabric quickly evaporates sweat and keeps it smooth and comfortable at all times with "COOLMAX® * 4", which lowers the body surface temperature and demonstrates an excellent moisture adjustment function.

VOLZZA_A_7.jpg VOLZZA_A_6.jpg
Normal Inner pad / A.I.Net COOLMAX®

■ "Ultra Sweat Pad-03 (sold separately)" to prevent sweat from entering the eyes from the forehead.

A floating structure "Ultra Sweat Pad-03 (sold separately)" that efficiently guides sweat to the left and right of the forehead and prevents it from entering the eyes can be attached.

Ultra Sweat Pad-03(Optional)

■ Color / Size (Estimated head circumference / Reference weight)

Seven colors are available:

White Silver, Matte Black Gunmetal, Black Red, White Blue, Gunmetal Yellow, Gunmetal Khaki, and Matte Trans Purple.

Two sizes (head circumference guideline / reference weight),

S / M (55-58cm / 235g) and L / XL (59-61cm / 250g).

VOLZZA_whitesilver.jpg VOLZZA_matteblack-gunmetal.jpg VOLZZA_blackred.jpg
White Silver Matte Black Gunmetal Black Red
VOLZZA_whiteblue.jpg VOLZZA_gunmetalyellow.jpg VOLZZA_gunmetal-khaki.jpg
White Blue Gunmetal Yellow Gunmetal Khaki

Matte Trans Purple

* 1 BOA® fit system

The "BOA® Fit System" which is customized according to the characteristics and applications of each product, and is accurate and optimal with three elements: a finely adjustable dial, a lightweight and ultra-strong lace, and a guide that suppresses frictional resistance. Provides a good fit. "BOA®" is a registered trademark of Boa Technology.

* 2 MOFF®

"MOFF®" neutralizes and deodorizes the source of odors by a completely new deodorizing method (nanotechnology) different from the conventional one. Its odor absorption effect reached 10 times faster and 50 times more powerful compared to the activated carbon.

"MOFF®" is a registered trademark of ASICS Trading Co., Ltd.

3 A.I. (Anti-Insect) Net

A.I. Net wraps the entire head with a hybrid structure of mesh net and cushion pad, mainly for the purpose of preventing insects from invading from the air intake.

When sweating from the body, "COOLMAX®" discharges moisture to the outside, and air enters from the outside, has the effect of cooling and drying, lowers the body surface temperature, and exerts an excellent moisture adjustment function.

"COOLMAX®" is a registered trademark of INVISTA.


*Sales starts in Japan from 2021 middle of April
Color:White Silver, Matte Black Gunmetal, Black Red, White Blue, Gunmetal Yellow, Gunmetal Khaki, Matte Trans Purple
Sizes (head circumference guideline / reference weight) :S / M (55-58cm / 235g) and L / XL (59-61cm / 250g).
Standard : JCF

・Semi-floating structure achieves a stable wearing comfort with a uniform tightening.
・Head shape that fits many people.
・Air route design that provides air cooling function higher than the equivalent class models.
・ "KBF-2" adjuster with BOA® fit system.
・A new mechanism that allows 2-step adjustment to both sides.
・Headrest & "up and down 8 steps" adjustment function.
・ Chin strap with water repellent added to deodorant fiber MOFF®.
・Two types of inner pads that can be selected according to the application.
・Adopts COOLMAX® that assists the air cooling effect to the maximum.
・"Ultra Sweat Pad-03 (sold separately)" that prevents sweat from entering the eyes from the forehead.

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