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Jun, 09, 2021
2021 NEW COLORS : CS-1



We are pleased to announce the addition of a new size "S/M" and new colors to our "KOOFU" brand model "CS-1" .

 The CS-1 was developed with the aim of becoming an "daily casual" model that can be easily worn like a hat. It has a round form with a simple and classic taste, and manufacturered by the same in-molding method as the higher-end models. It is lightweight, yet offers high impact absorption and durability. The helmet is comfortable to wear with a wrap-around fit and high quality construction with high cost performance.

The helmet was previously available in only one size, "M/L (*57-59cm/235g)", and "S/M (*55-58cm/220g)" has been newly added for more people to use.

*Size (approximate head circumference / reference weight)


●Conventional colors with newly added "S/M" size

cs1_matteblack.jpg cs1_mattenavy.jpg cs1_matteoffwhite.jpg
Matte Black Matte Navy Matte Off White


Matte Herringbone Gray Matte Herringbone Blue



Three new colors to be added to the CS-1:

Matte Herringbone Red, Matte Herringbone Khaki, and Gray.

All of these new colors are designed to make cycling a casual and enjoyable experience.


●The three new colors

cs1_matte_herringbone_red.jpg cs1_matte_herringbone_red_rear.jpg
Matte Herringbone Red Matte Herringbone Red(REAR)
cs1_matte_herringbone_khaki-2nd-2.jpg cs1_gray.jpg
Matte Herringbone Khaki Gray


For further information about CS-1, please find in our digital catalog.
2021 Bicycle Helmet & Gear (

New Colors to be released in the end of June 2021 in Japan

Color:Matte Black, Matte Navy, Matte Off White, Matte Herringbone Gray, Matte Herringbone Blue, Matte Herringbone Red, Matte Herringbone Khaki, Gray
Size(approximate head circumference size/ reference weight):S/M(55-58cm/220g)、M/L(57-59cm/235g)
Standard:<JCF Reccomended>


・A detachable casual visor is included as standard.
・Inner padding is made of quick-drying mesh fabric.
・Light weight adjuster with fine adjustment.



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