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Jul, 13, 2021



We are pleased to announce the release of the new graphic model "AEROBLADE-5R SM-1 (AEROBLADE-5R SM-1)" in the carbon model AEROBLADE-5R, a lightweight and comfortable full-face helmet.

The AEROBLADE-5R combines A.T.C.+C (precision molded carbon + high strength composite material shell) structure with the basic five performance of the AEROBLADE-5, "safety," "light weight," "compactness," "aerodynamic performance," and "quietness.

The new "SM-1" graphicic is stylishly designed with a bold straight line in the center and a line that rises from the side to create a sense of speed, making the most of the ribbed shape of the AEROBLADE-5, which is designed for aerodynamic performance.
The AEROBLADE-5 is a graphic model that allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of the aerodynamic design and the sense of luxury that carbon creates.

Available in black and white. Available in 6 sizes from XS to XXL.


AB5-SM1-2.jpg AB5-SM1-5.jpg
Black White (REAR VIEW)


AEROBLADE-5 is a full-face model which was developed with thorough attention to the overall design, parts composition and material selection in order to evolve the five features of the basic concept of the series, "lightweight," "compact," "aerodynamic performance" and "quietness," in addition to the basic performance of a helmet, "safety.


For more information on the AEROBLADE-5, please refer to the online English catalog from below link.

2021 Motorcycle Helmet Catalog (



Scheduled for release in late July 2021 in Japan
Color : Black White
Size : XS(54-55cm)/S(55-56cm)/M(57-58cm)/L(59-60cm)/XL(61-62cm)/XXL(63-64cm)
Standard : JIS
Bundled Item : Wind Shutter No.3


・A.C.T.+C (Advanced Composite Technology + Carbon) Structure adopted, limited quantity model.
・It is available in black and white with a carbon finish. Available in 6 sizes from XS to XXL.
・Shield system with 2-axis DAF ratchet and 3D shape DAF-1 shield provides high sealing performance and quietness.
・Shield lock is a center type with a large lever, which enables secure opening and closing even with gloves on.
・Four types of specially designed caps are adopted to achieve fine fitting, light weight and compactness.
・Four types of specially designed caps are adopted to achieve fine fitting, light weight, and compactness.
・Easy-to-expand undertrim shape enables high fit and stress-free removal.
・A special wide type "100% MAX VISION DAF Pinlock® Original Insert Lens" can be installed to prevent fogging of the shield in winter and in rainy weather (sold separately).
・COOLMAX® fabric, which is pleasant to the touch, is used for the interior. Full detachment of the inner, cheek and chinstrap covers is possible.
・Kabuto's unique double-action micro ratchet buckle for secure operation and fine adjustment with multiple engagement pawls.
・The cheek pads are designed to make it easier to wear glasses or sunglasses.
・Kabuto's unique side outlet trim (PAT.No.5848774) uses negative pressure to release hot air from inside the cheek pad.


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