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Oct, 20, 2021
2021 NEW MODEL : F-17


Kabuto will release a new full-face racing model flagship "F-17 (F-itinana)" that adopts the latest aerodynamic technology.

In the world of competition, riding action is aggressively repeated. In order to reduce the load on the rider as much as possible, the main concept given to the new flagship is "omni-directional aerodynamics".

In order to update the know-how of Kabuto aerodynamics to the next stage, the new F-17 features a ribbed shell that optimizes aerodynamic characteristics, a brushed-up version of the conventional aerodynamic device "Wake Stabilizer (PAT.)", and a newly developed device "Crest Spoiler (PAT.)" . By adding an arcuate device to the top of the head, it reduces the lift force generated in various riding positions, such as when riding in a straight line, cornering, and when checking behind, and increase the sense of stability when riding. In terms of comfort, the design concept has been completely renewed to provide a comfortable, enveloping fit. Newly adopted head side ventilation and chin ventilation with wider opening area provide fresh air to inner surface of shield and excellent cooling performance. In addition, Kabuto's standard cheek pads for eyeglasses, Emergency System (PAT.P.) for quick and safe removal of helmet in case of accident and dedicated space for installation of intercom are adopted. These are just a few of the elements that have been adopted to make this a racing model with touring utility in mind.

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Functions & Technology 

State-of-the-art aeroform


The "Wake Stabilizer (PAT.No.4311691)," an aerodynamic device unique to Kabuto developed by making full use of CFD (three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics), and a shell with a frontal projection area narrowed to the limit reduce aerodynamic drag not only when driving straight ahead but also in crosswinds and when checking behind. In addition, the new "Crest Spoiler (PAT.P)," a device that suppresses the force generated by driving wind to lift the helmet and greatly contributes to excellent aerodynamic performance, and other cutting-edge aeroforms greatly contribute to maintaining high concentration in all speed ranges.

Crest spoiler(PAT.P.)


Crest Spoiler is the device that contributes to the F-17's excellent aerodynamic performance by suppressing the force that tries to lift the helmet up by disturbing the airflow in the upper part of the helmet. A arcuate shape is adopted to demonstrate the effect in a wide range of angles, and the size of the device is the one with the most pronounced effect.



Kabuto's patented system that controls the airflow around the shell while riding to reduce the load. This system has been developed through years of research and wind tunnel testing, and has been further developed in the F-17. The system controls airflow and improves the stability of the helmet when riding.

●State-of-the-art cap molding technology and safety design


The shell is made of high-strength composite material (A.C.T.-2) that combines excellent penetration resistance and shock absorption, and FEM (Finite Element Method) structural analysis has been introduced to optimize the strength of each part. Its incredible lightness reduces the burden on the rider in all situations, while providing safety and reducing the burden on the neck.

●New Shell Structure「A.C.T.-2」


The "A.C.T.-2" structure, which is a further evolution of the well-established A.C.T. structure, has been adopted. The A.C.T.-2 structure meets the MFJ's safety standards for severe penetration resistance, and the chin guard is also made of high-strength organic fiber to further improve the shell strength.

●Center Lock/Biaxial Ratchet Shield System


The new DAF-R ratchet with two axes, the DAF-1R shield for quick replacement, and the newly shaped integrated trim rubber improve sealing and quietness. Also, the center locking system with a large lever allows for secure opening and closing even with gloves on.

● Side Ventilations


Side ventilation is adopted to catch wind efficiently even in cornering posture and to introduce air as same as in straight line posture. Together with chin ventilation, which has been greatly expanded in both opening area and opening width, fresh air is always introduced into a helmet.

Top Aero Ventilation


This is Kabuto's original system to release hot air trapped inside a helmet with rectification effect. An air route is secured which passes through inside of a shell and leads to an air outlet channel in a rear ventilation fin to achieve both excellent ventilation performance and weight saving.

The rear ventilation does not have an open/close function.

●Top aeroventilation structure


This air conditioning system has a rectifying effect and at the same time releases hot air trapped inside the helmet.

●Easy to put on and take off" and "superb comfort" have been thoroughly tested under extreme conditions.


The interior design was reviewed from the design concept, including the adoption of unique space recognition technology, and many support riders responded that it was more comfortable to wear than previous products. The shift from a "point-to-point fit" to a "wrap-around fit" has realized the ultimate in comfort.

●"Antimicrobial treatment" interior *Used in some parts


The inner pad surface is treated with DEOFACTOR® antibacterial treatment, which inhibits the growth of bacteria on fibers.
DEOFACTOR® is a special processing technology developed by KOKORO CARE.


●EMERGENCY SYSTEM (PAT.P) *Do Not Use except in emergency.


In the event of an accident, rescuers need to remove the helmet easily, quickly and safely. This is Kabuto's original structure, in which the interior urethane material is pulled out so that the fabric that touches the cheek remains intact, making it smooth and less burdensome for the rider.

●Fresh Air Control


A newly designed large air inlet leading to the air route inside the shell reduces fogging of the inner surface of the shield and glasses, and reduces breathing difficulties.

●Air Ventilations


The air introduction area is much larger than the previous model.

●DAF Pinlock® Original Insert Lens


It keeps the temperature difference between the outside and the inside of the helmet at equilibrium and prevents fogging of the shield.

●With shield posts for racing tear-off attachment


Disposable film "DAF-1R Racing Tear-Off (sold separately)" can be installed.

●Glasses Friendly


The cheek pads are designed to make it easier to wear glasses or sunglasses.
*There are individual differences depending on the shape of the glasses and the shape of the face.

●Intercom attachment space


Dedicated spaces are set up in advance on the left and right sides. Speaker holes and cable routes are also provided for smart wiring.
*Some special shapes cannot be installed.

●COOLMAX® and Fully Detachable Linings


Made of COOLMAX® fabric, which is soft to the touch. All interiors can be removed for washing.

●Spacious mouth / Joint base for multiple uses


It is also useful for installing intercom microphones and provides ample space for them.
*"KF17 Joint Base" is included.

●Windi Shutter No.5


Includes a removable wind shutter that reduces wind entrainment from the chin area that occurs while driving.

Includes GC-01 Liquid Bottle Kit, a glass coating kit for helmets


"GC-01 Liquid Bottle Kit", a glass coating kit for helmets with outstanding gloss and amazing anti-fouling properties, jointly developed with coating specialist 4°CREST*, is included.
It is included in F-17 for the purpose of applying it to window rubber to maintain stable shield adhesion. Please refer to the instruction manual included with the product for how to use it.

*Do not use on anti-fog sheet or anti-fog coated shield itself.

★About 4°CREST
As an expert in polishing and coating all kinds of materials and painted surfaces, 4°CREST produces glass coating for cars, the industry's first crystal coating "Glass Armor" for bicycles, and tire coating material "BLACK SHIELD" for bicycles. The expert brand in polishing and coating.

●Size / Color

f17_white.jpg f17_white-up.jpg f17_white-side.jpg
f17_black_metallic.jpg f17_flatblack.jpg
Black Flat Black

Size : XS〜XXL (6 sizes)

Colors : White, Black, Flat Black (3 color variations)


※sales starts from end of October in Japan

Color : White, Black Metallic, Flat Black
Size : XS(54-55cm)/S(55-56cm)/M(57-58cm)/L(59-60cm)/XL(61-62cm) /XXL(63-64cm)
Standard:JIS and MFJ
Standard Shield:DAF-1R Shield (Clear) 
DAF Pinlock® Original Insert Lens
Breath GuardNo.10
Wind ShutterNo.5
GC-01 Liquid Bottle Kit
KF17 Joint Base

  • Omni-directional aerodynamics with state-of-the-art aeroforming to keep you focused while riding.
  • State-of-the-art shell molding technology and safety design that combines superior penetration resistance and shock absorption.
  • A.C.T.-2 the new shell structure that further evolves the A.C.T. structure.
  • Adopted new DAF-R ratchet with two axis configulation and center lock with a large lever.
  • Side ventilations captures the wind efficiently even in the cornering position, and is expected to introduce the same amount of air as in the straight-line position.
  • Top aero ventilation for rectification effect and release of hot air inside a helmet.
  • The design concept has been reviewed and thoroughly verified to realize "ease of putting on and off" and "superb wearing comfort".
  • DEOFACTOR® antimicrobial treatment is used on the inner pad surface to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the fibers.
  • Kabuto's original Emergency System (PAT.P) allows you to take off your helmet easily, quickly and safely in case of an accident.
  • Glasses friendly cheek pad shape.
  • A dedicated mounting space is provided for intercom installation.
  • A total of six sizes from XS to XXL are available.
  • Glass coating kit for helmet "GC-01 Liquid Bottle Kit" is included.

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