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Nov, 02, 2021



A new colors are added to the flagship model "IZANAGI," which stands at the top of the Kabuto brand. 

IZANAGI is a real-world helmet that combines the three key elements of "Cool," "Lightweight," and "Aerodynamics" to achieve a supreme feeling and to stand at the top of the field in harsh environments.

New colors has been added to the "G-1" line-up which released in the summer of 2021.

"G-1 Matte Olive Orange" with orange accents to increase visibility in earthy colors, and "G-1 Pearl White Red" with red accents in white.

● Two colors newly added

izanagi_g_1_matte_olive_orange.jpg izanagi_g_1_matte_olive_orange_front_view.jpg
G-1 Matte Olive Orange (FRONT VIEW)
(RIGHT VIEW) G-1 Pearl White Red

For more details about IZANAGI, please refer our English web catalog.


Sales starts from middle of November 2021, in Japan
New colors: G-1 Matte Olive Orange、G-1 Pearl White Red

Size (approximate head circumference / reference weight): XS/S (54-56cm / 210g), S/M (55-58cm / 225g), L (59-60cm / 240g), XL/XXL (61-64cm / 260g)

Standard : JCF (Certified by the Japan Cycling Federation)

・The flagship model that combines high performance with the ultimate feeling.
・The "floating structure" interior design maximizes the two elements of air cooling and fit.
・Large air inlet. Large air inlet.

・Rainforcement bridge for both efficient air introduction and strength.
・Kabuto's air-route design takes into account the hot and humid Japanese summer.
・KBF-2 adjuster with Boa® fit system.

・A new headrest mechanism with two-step adjustment on both sides and an eight-step vertical adjustment function.
・The chinstrap is made of MOFF®, an instant deodorant fiber, with added water repellency.
・Three types of practical interiors to choose from according to your needs.
・"Ultra Sweat Pad-03" to prevent sweat from penetrating the forehead to the eyes.
・Non-slip rubber to keep eyewear in place.


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