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Aug, 05, 2022




The AEROBLADE series pursues lightness and compactness.

We are pleased to announce the launch of AEROBLADE-6 with updated comfort features.

OGK KABUTO will release "AEROBLADE-6," a lightweight full-face helmet with updated comfort, while maintaining the basic concept of "AEROBLADE-5," launched in 2017 with five features safety, lightweight, compact, aerodynamic performance, and quietness.


Main features of the "AEROBLADE-6"

● "UV & IR cut shield" using Teijin Limited heat-shielding material

● Shield lock with improved operability thanks to a new button shape

● Dual-axis ratchet system with reduced operating noise and improved sealing

● Ratchet buckle type chin strap has been changed to D-ring type

Functions & Technology 

DAF-1 UIC shield" made of infrared (IR)-cutting material is standard equipment


The shield installed in AEROBLADE-6 is the "UIC Clear (DAF-1 UIC Shield)★", which blocks 74% of infrared rays (IR) in addition to 99% of ultraviolet rays (UV), which is also used in "KAMUI-3" and "RYUKI" and has been well received by customers.

★About UIC Clear (DAF-1 UIC Shield)


"UV & IR Cut Shield" is adopted, using Teijin Limited's high-performance polycarbonate as the shield material, which blocks UV (ultraviolet rays) and IR (infrared rays). It has heat shielding performance that suppresses temperature rise caused by solar heat generated by infrared rays (IR) of sunlight, and reduces heat conduction to the inside of the helmet while maintaining "clear visibility," which is the most important feature of a helmet shield.
※The temperature inside the helmet was measured by irradiating an incandescent lamp (300W) .

●Lightweight and compact design


"Lightness" is a major advantage for riders. Lightweight helmets reduce the burden and stress on the rider's neck and shoulders caused by the wind and acceleration/deceleration G-forces. In order to realize the basic concept of "lightweight" and "compactness," we paid thorough attention to everything from parts composition to material selection.

●Detailed Fitting


By dividing the shell into four sizes, fine fitting, light weight and compactness are realized.

●Shield lock with improved operability


The shape of the button has been changed to improve operability when opening and closing the shield. Smoother opening and closing of the shield has been realized.

●Advanced Aero Form


The frontal projected area has been minimized by making full use of CFD analysis to reduce stress on the rider during long tours.

● Advanced shell molding technology and safety design


High-strength composite material shell (A.C.T.-EVO) that combines penetration resistance and shock absorption and FEM (Finite Element Method) structural analysis have been introduced to optimize the strength of each part.

●Wake Stabilizer (PAT.)


Kabuto's patented system that controls airflow around the shell and reduces load.

●Biaxial Ratchet Shield System


"DAF-R ratchet" with 2-axis configuration, DAF-1 shield for quick replacement and integrated trim rubber for improved sealing and quietness.

●Fresh air control


Large air inlet leading to the air route inside the shell reduces fogging of the inner surface of the shield and glasses and reduces breathlessness.

●Dedicated space for speakers


Removable ear cups on the space for intercom speakers which is pre-programmed on the left and right sides.
※Some special shaped speakers cannot be installed.

●Glasses Friendly Cheek pad


Cheek pad shape is adopted for smooth wearing of glasses and sunglasses.
※There are individual differences depending on the shape of the glasses and the shape of the face.

●Smooth attach and detatch


The under-trim shape allows for easy spreading and stress-free removal while providing a high degree of fit.

●DAF Pinlock® Original Insert Lens


Wide type 100% MAXVISION pinlock seat (sold separately) can be attached.

Standard D-ring


Standard type suitable for severe usage environments such as racing models.

●Color Lineup
Four colors are available: Pearl White, Black Metallic, Flat Black, and Flat Cool Gunmetal.

Aeroblade6-img-2.jpg Aeroblade6-img-3.jpg Aeroblade6-img-4.jpg
Pearl White Pearl White(REAR VIEW) Pearl White(UPPER VIEW)
Aeroblade6-img-11.jpg Aeroblade6-img-12.jpg Aeroblade6-img-7.jpg
Black Metallic Flat Black Flat Cool Gunmetal


※Sales starts from end of August in Japan

Color: Pearl White, Black Metallic, Flat Black, Flat Cool Gunmetal
Size: XS (54-55cm)/S (55-56cm)/M (57-58cm)/L (59-60cm)/XL (61-62cm)/XXL (63-64cm)
Standard: JIS
Standard Shield: DAF-1 UIC Shield (UIC Clear)
Pinlock® Original Insert Lens sold separately
<Standard Equipment> Wind Shutter No.3

 ・"UV & IR cut shield" made of Teijin Limited's heat-shielding material is adopted.

 ・Four specially designed shells are adopted to realize fine fitting, light weight and compactness.

 ・Change of button shape improves operability when opening/closing the shield.

 ・Aero form narrowed down by CFD analysis

 ・Cutting-edge shell molding technology and safety design that combines excellent penetration resistance and shock absorption

 ・Kabuto's patented "Wake Stabilizer (PAT.)" system

 ・Shield system with dual-axis DAF-R ratchet and DAF-1 shield for high sealing and quietness. 

 ・Dedicated speaker mounting space for intercom installation.

 ・Cheek pads are designed glasses friendly. 

 ・Under-trim shape for easy spreading for a good fit and stress-free removal and attachment.

 ・Wide type 100% MAXVISION pinlock seat (sold separately) can be attached.

 ・The chinstrap uses a standard D-ring.


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