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Oct, 13, 2022


The new "LIBERO" is created as a casual bicycle helmet under the theme of "Let's go out more freely. " that sets itself apart from conventional sports-type helmets.

It is a lightweight in-molded helmet that meets the safety requirements of the SG standard (*1) for bicycles, with a cap-type helmet cover. The design is made to look more like a natural cap style with details such as piping on the edge of the brim and eyelets (vent holes).
We aimed to create a style that blends in with the city as part of a bicycle outing fashion that adds color to daily outfits.

Soon it will be mandatory* for all bicycle riders to endeavor wearing helmets (in Japan), and LIBERO embodies OGK KABUTO's vision of "from 'helmets to be worn' to 'helmet to dress up' " to protect the smiles of all people.

(*1) SG Standard
SG standards are set by the "Product Safety Association of Japan," and helmets are subjected to multiple rigorous tests, including impact absorption, chinstrap strength, and roll-off. There is a relief (compensation) system in the event that personal injury is recognized due to product defects. (Japan Product Safety Association

*Amendment to the Road Traffic Law (Article 63-11)
Promulgated on April 27, 2022 (to be enforced within one year)

Lightweight, compact helmet body with cover


    Designed based on head shape data from Japan, the lightweight and compact soft-shell cap is comfortable to wear, and is fitted with a casual cap-type hat (helmet cover).

    Reflector that shines in the light of cars and other vehicles


    The back of the hat and the back of the brim are made of a reflective material that reflects the lights of cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles to increase visibility when riding at night.

    ●Large brim to guard against sunlight

    Large brim guards against sunlight. It is designed at an angle that does not obstruct vision.
    The edge of the brim is accented with piping.

    The size is 54-57cm (315g) and the hat comes in two colors, Charcoal and Beige, which match with casual clothes.

    libero_charcoal_main_1_b.jpg libero_charcoal_front_b.jpg libero_charcoal_back_up.jpg

    libero_beige_main_1_b.jpg libero_in_up.jpg
    Beige Helmet Body


    *Scheduled to go on sale in late October 2022 in Japan
    Color: Charcoal, Beige
    Size (weight): 54-57cm (315g)
    <SG standard>

    • Lightweight and compact in-mold molded soft shell.
    • SG standard-certified bicycle helmet with the cover.
    • Removable interior.
    • Reflective material on the back of the head and the rear of the brim for safety.

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