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Dec, 01, 2022


The AERO-R2, an aero road model that inherits the genes of the track aero helmet, is now available in two team replica models, the AERO-R2 BGT and the AERO-R2 MTR.
The AERO-R2 BGT and AERO-R2 MTR are available in limited quantities in the colors of TEAM BRIDGESTONE Cycling*1 and TEAM MATRIX POWERTAG*2, respectively.

The new colors are the same as those worn by the teams currently competing in the J-Pro Tour, Japan's premier category of the All Japan Cycling Federation.

The "BGT-22" is white and the "MTR-22" is bright green, with the "Wake Stabilizer (PAT.)" and the back of the head to represent the team colors.

It is available in three sizes: XS/S, S/M, and L/XL.

AERO-R2_BGT-22_Base.jpg AERO-R2_BGT-22_angle2.jpg AERO-R2_BGT-22_up_view.jpg

AERO-R2_MTR-22_Base.jpg AERO-R2_MTR-22_angle2.jpg AERO-R2_MTR-22_up_view.jpg


A UCI Continental team (Third Division*) based in Mishima, Shizuoka, Japan, with a history of over 50 years, founded in 1964 as the Bridgestone Cycle Cycling Club. 2021 saw a total of seven wins in the J-Pro Tour and a second place finish in the annual team ranking.
*1 The third of the four UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) sanctioned race categories, after UCI World Team/UCI Pro Team.

A UCI Continental team based in Takaishi City, Osaka. The team has several international riders and had been the overall individual and team champion in the J-Pro Tour from 2019 to 2021. In 2022, the team has also participate in the Japan Cycle League.


Aero road helmet with aerodynamic performance cultivated in the world of track competitions and comfort that allows you to concentrate on racing even in the toughest road races. It is a practical helmet that demonstrates high aerodynamics with the rectification effect of the "Air Tunnel Structure (PAT.P)" that utilizes the air flow inside the helmet and the shape of the helmet derived through repeated data analysis and wind tunnel testing.


Scheduled to go on sale in late November 2022
*Sales are only available at some stores, please contact each shop for availability.

Colors: BGT-22, MTR-22
Size (approximate head circumference/reference weight): XS/S (54-56cm/235g), S/M (55-58cm/245g), L/XL (59-61cm/270g)
*JCF (Japan Cycling Federation) approved

  • ●Proven aerodynamic performance thoroughly pursued through CFD analysis and wind tunnel testing
    adjuster with Boa® Fit System
  • ●Air Tunnel Structure (PAT.P) improves aerodynamic performance through air rectification
  • ●KBF-2 headrest with two-step adjustment on both sides.
  • ●Patented aerodynamic device "Wake Stabilizer (PAT.)"
  • ●"AR-5 Shield" that designed to prevent interference with eyeglasses is included.
  • ●COOLMAX® to assist in maximizing the air-cooling effect
  • ●Includes Ultra Sweatpad-03
  • ●Includes eyewear hold design and non-slip rubber-02
  • ●MOFF® deodorant fiber with water repellency added to the chinstrap
  • ●Equipped with "anti-slip buckle" to reduce loosening of the chinstrap.


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