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Mar, 29, 2023


ARCA is an all-round helmet with a fabric visor. The design is reminiscent of street style, with POP graphic colors and simple monochrome colors that are easy to use for everyday outings.

The product features an inner-pad visor that integrates from the visor to the interior padding. While designed to be worn like a cap, it has evolved into a pad that does not come apart and is easy to care for.

In addition to its function as a cushion, the pad itself has a star pattern, devised to make children willing to wear the helmet.

ARCA is designed slightly deeper than previous models and fits securely on the head. The silicone band at the back allows for gradual adjustment, so that once the size has been adjusted, it does not need to be re-adjusted, making for a smoother wearing.

Functions & Technology

Interior pad with integrated visor. Easily removable to wash.


Features a gradually adjustable silicone fit band.


Bright reflective stickers are at the rear.


Sizes under 50-54cm (235g), available in six colors, such as matte earth colors and pretty pop graphics.

arca_mattemauve_3.jpg arca_matteoffwhite_3.jpg arca_mattemochabrown_3.jpg
Matte Mauve Matte Off-white Matte Mocha Brown
arca_matteindigo_3.jpg arca_matteartyellow.jpg arca_matteblockblue.jpg
Matte Indigo Matte Art Yellow Matte Block Blue

*Sales is started from end of March 2023

Color: Matte Mauve, Matte Off-white, Matte Mocha Brown, Matte Indigo, Matte Art Yellow, Matte Block Blue
Size (reference weight): 50-54 cm (235 g)
Standard: SG standard

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