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Apr, 27, 2023
2023 NEW COLOR: FM-X G-1


The New "G-1" color has been added to FM-X, which mating to trail ride, cross biking and other cycling seans.

FM-X is a versatile and stylish helmet that transcends the boundaries of fields and genres.
This model is easy to use for a wide range of users, from those who enjoy serious riding to daily riding.

The "G-1" color is the first graphic color for FM-X.

Based on earth colors radiating from the top of the head, the graphic has a grunge finish at the color transition part on the side of the head, expressing the natural texture and atmosphere of the mountainous area.

New colors

fm_x_matte_deep_turquoise.jpg fm_x_matte_deep_turquoise_angle2.jpg fm_x_matte_deep_turquoise_rear.jpg
G-1 Matte Deep Turquoise

fm_x_matte_gray_mint.jpg fm_x_matte_berry.jpg
G-1 Matte Gray Mint G-1 Matte Berry

Schedule to start sale in end of April, 2023

Color:G-1 Matte Deep Turquoise、G-1 Matte Gray Mint、G-1 Matte Berry

Size (approximate head circumference/reference weight):M/L(57-59cm/280g)

Regulation: <Recommended by JCF (Japan Cycling Federation)

・Multi-purpose design for any field.

・5-step movable visor.

・Front shape to prevent goggles from interfering.

・Air hole shape is designed to hold eyewear easily.

・The XF-8 adjuster provides a snug fit that wraps around the head with moderate support.

・Front inner pad for easy flow of sweat to temples.

For more information about FM-X, please click here.


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