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Apr, 26, 2023


「JOLY」the hat type childmet from Kabuto will be released in two kind of design.

JOLY is a hat-covered helmet. The lightweight in-molded helmet inside the hat meets the SG standard (*1) for bicycle safety.
It is available in two designs: a porkpie hat with a large ribbon at the rear, and a work cap with a simple design.

Both types have a structure that allows the brim to flip up and be fixed with a button attached to the front, and are designed to prevent flapping by the wind so that to keep visibility while riding.

These hat like helmet goes perfectly with daily clothing. You will want to put this helmet on your child as a fashion.

※1 SG Standard

Japanese SG standards are set by the "Product Safety Association" and the helmets are subjected to several strict tests, including impact absorption, chinstrap strength, and roll-off. There is a relief (compensation) system in case personal injury is recognized due to product defects. (Japan Product Safety Institute

Functions & Technology
●A flap brim structure using a button. This prevents flapping while riding on a bike and ensures visibility.

joly_cap_navy_brimup.jpg joly_hat_pink_brimup.jpg

●Buckle cover to prevent pinching of skin.


●Easy-peasy adjustable Fit Band at the rear.


47-51cm mostly for toddlers. Moave Pink and Ash Blue for the hat type, and Navy Blue and Mustard Yellow for the Cap Type. Total 4 colorways.

joly_cap_navy_main.jpg joly_cap_navy_brimup.jpg joly_cap_navy_front.jpg
Navy Blue

joly_cap_yellow_main.jpg joly_cap_yellow_back.jpg
Mustard Yellow

joly_hat_pink_main.jpg joly_hat_pink_front.jpg joly_hat_pink_back.jpg
Mauve Pink

joly_hat_blue_main.jpg joly_hat_blue_back.jpg
Ash Blue


Sales starts from the end of April 2023 in Japan

Color: Navy Blue, Mustard Yellow (Cap design)

Mauve Pink, Ash Blue (Hat design)

Size (reference weight): 47-51cm(Hat design:300g/ Cap Design:280g)

*For more information about JOLY, please see our digital catalog.


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