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Aug, 04, 2023


Kabuto will release "FLEX-AIR", the lightweight model which outstanding feeling and cooling performance.

Based on the concept that "lightweight is the ultimate sphere", a sphere-based exterior design was designed in pursuit of "lightweight".
The shape has been stripped down to the bare minimum, and the shell has been hollowed out in order to realise the development concept of lightweight, even if only slightly. Furthermore, a weight reduction of 8.8g has been achieved by reviewing the component structure of the conventional top model gram by gram.

In addition to weight reduction, the "floating structure" and "KBF-2 adjuster", which have been proven in previous models, have been adopted for comfort performance.

In the floating structure*, the newly equipped Y-shaped top pad "Air Flow Pad" reduces the contact area between the helmet and head, improving ventilation performance and contributing to weight reduction.
The riding position and air hole angle have also been optimised to provide efficient airflow to cool the head.

*Air routes are secured by floating the helmet from the head, furthermore the helmet is less likely to come into direct contact with the head, reducing discomfort during prolonged wear.

The KBF-2 adjuster, featuring fine adjustment and uniform tightening for a good feeling, fits securely to different head shapes, and the large-diameter dial of the Boa® Fit System allows instant adjustment and easy operation.

The sharpened 'lightness' and further evolved 'comfort performance' demonstrate high performance from the toughest race scenes to every riding.

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●Functions & Technology

●Lightweight with No Excess


The Ultimate lightweight form iscontributed by the sphericalshape and the exterior cut to itsutmost limit.

Punching Design Contributes Reducing Weight


Lightweight is realized by punching design,reducing the shell dimension. Weightlessexperience by weight-balanced design.

●Enhanced Ventilation.


Air-cooling performance isimproved by optimizing the air-hole angles associating with theriding position.

Comparative verification of air-cooling performance" with helmets in the same class by in-house wind tunnel testing.

[Verification conditions]
Time taken for the head surface temperature to decrease in the in-house wind tunnel facility.
Reference values in in-house wind tunnel facilities.

[Verification results]
In-house wind tunnel tests have demonstrated that the air-cooling effect is up to 8% higher than that of helmets in the same class.

flex-air_ventilation_function_2.jpg flex-air_ventilation_function_2b.jpg
Comparison with equivalent class helmets based on in-house wind tunnel testing. Up to "8%" more effective air cooling than helmets in the same class.

Air Flow Pad


Air Flow Pad; the Y-shaped floating structurepad; maintains space between your head andthe helmet contributes to improving ventilationsecuring the air-pathway.

●KBF-2" adjuster with Boa® fit system

Realizes fine adjustment and uniform tightening. A large-diameter dial with a good finger-hold enables instantaneous one-handed adjustment.

●Adoption of a new headrest mechanism with two-stage adjustment to both sides

The width of the headrest section can be adjusted in two steps. Adjustment is possible according to not only the degree of tightness but also the shape of the back of the head, which varies greatly from person to person.

"up down 4 steps" adjustment function


The adjuster arm from the top of the head to the back of the head can be adjusted in 4 steps up and down. It provides a fine and excellent fit.

Two types of highly practical interiors that can be selected according to the application.


Three types of highly practical interiors that can be selected according to the application.
The interior can be replaced according to the season and purpose, for example, to improve ventilation, inhibit insect infiltration or provide protection against the cold.

●Includes Ultra Sweatpad-04


Sweatpad with floating structure. Efficiently directs sweat to the left and right sides of the forehead.

Includes non-slip rubber -03


The non-slip rubber and the shape of the eyewear make it easy to hold on to the eyewear and keep it in place.
*Excludes eyewear with special shapes.

●Chinstrap made of deodorant fiber MOFF® plus water repellency

The chinstrap with MOFF® deodorant fiber and water repellency function reduces weight gain due to perspiration for a fresh feel on the skin.

●COOLMAX® that assists in maximizing air-cooling effect

Air-cooling performance is assisted by COOLMAX®, which quickly evaporates perspiration to keep you dry and comfortable.

Size/Color Lineup

Available in three sizes: XS/S, S/M, and L/XL.

"FLEX-AIR"comes in six colors: Matte White Silver, Matte Black Gunmetal, Matte Burgundy, Matte Aqua, Matte Trans, and Matte Gold.

FLEX-AIR-img-5.jpg FLEX-AIR-img-2.jpg FLEX-AIR-img-3.jpg
Matte White Silver

FLEX-AIR-img-7.jpg FLEX-AIR-img-9.jpg FLEX-AIR-img-6.jpg
Matte Black Gunmetal Matte Burgundy Matte Aqua
FLEX-AIR-img-10.jpg FLEX-AIR-img-8.jpg
Matte Trans Matte Gold


Scheduled to start sale in Autumn 2023

Color:Matte White Silver, Matte Black Gunmetal, Matte Burgundy, Matte Aqua, Matte Trans, and Matte Gold.

Sizes (head circumference guideline / reference weight) :XS/S(54-56㎝/185g)、S/M(55-58㎝/195g)、L/XL(59-61㎝/215g)

<JCF(Japan Cycling Federation) approved>

・Lightweight and No excess form.

・Punching Design Contributes Reducing Weight

・Enhanced Ventilation, Air-Route Design is Associated with Riding Position.

・Air Flow Pad Contributes to Improved Ventilation・ "KBF-2" adjuster with BOA® fit system.

・New headrest (PAT.) with 2-step adjustment on both sides.

・Four-step up/down adjustment for fine-tuned fitting.

・Two types of highly practical interiors that can be selected according to the application.

・Includes an eyewear hold function and non-slip rubber-03.

・ Chin strap with water repellent added to deodorant fiber MOFF®

・Adopts COOLMAX® that assists the air cooling effect to the maximum.

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