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Oct, 11, 2023


We will be introducing a new graphic for "SHUMA" called "SHUMA NOVA," which achieves a high level of comfort through its refined air-cooling performance.

"SHUMA" is a new full-face helmet design that allows you to feel air intake into the helmet from the moment you start riding. It features a new cooling system and a unique interior design called "HEXA-PAD," which provides efficient ventilation and a new level of comfort by allowing the wind to pass through, creating a refreshing experience inside the helmet.

"NOVA" features a sleek graphic design that complements the helmet's shape. It is characterized by slim lines that convey a sense of speed and bold lines that highlight the contours, resulting in a simple yet stylish design.

The available colors for "SHUMA NOVA" are Flat Black White, Flat Black Gunmetal, and Pearl White Black, with a total of three options.

SHUMA-NOVA-1-320.jpg SHUMA-NOVA-4-320.jpg SHUMA-NOVA-3-320.jpg
Flat Black White

SHUMA-NOVA-6-320.jpg SHUMA-NOVA-7-320.jpg
Flat Black Gunmetal Pearl White Black

Main features of SHUMA

・Newly designed "Ultra Cooling System" allows you to feel the wind from the moment you start riding.
・A new type of interior that allows wind to passing through the helmet (HEXA-PAD)
・Anti-bacterial interior (used in some parts)
・UV & IR cut shield made of heat-shielding material by Teijin Limited.

For more information about SHUMA, please refer to the English digital catalog online.

2023 Motorcycle Helmet Catalog (


Scheduled to start sale in early-November 2023, in Japan.
Color : Flat Black White, Flat Black Gunmetal, and Pearl White Black
Size : XS(54-55cm)/S(55-56cm)/M(57-58cm)/L(59-60cm)/XL(61-62cm)
Standard Shield:CF-1W UIC Shield(UIC Clear) 
※optionally available : Pinlock® Original Insert Lens
〈includes〉 Wind Shutter No.7

・DEOFACTOR® antibacterial treatment is applied to the inner pad surface to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the fibers.
・CF-1W UIC Shield (UIC Clear), which uses infrared (IR) cut material, is equipped as standard.
・Exclusive space for Intercom.
・Stylish and compact design.
・Easy-to-use cheek pads for glasses.
・Kabuto's original patented system "Wake Stabilizer PAT.
・Wide type pin lock seat and large breath guard to reduce fogging.
・Large wind shutter to reduce wind incursion.
・One-touch type micro ratchet buckle.
・Two shell-sizes with five size settings.

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