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Feb, 09, 2024


AERO-R2 is an aero road helmet with "aerodynamic performance" cultivated in the world of track competitions and "comfort" that allows you to concentrate on racing even in the toughest road races.

It is a practical helmet that demonstrates high aerodynamics with its shell structure, which was derived through repeated data analysis and wind tunnel testing, also with the rectifying effect of the "Air Tunnel Structure (PAT.P)" that utilizes airflow inside the helmet.

The newly released "AERO-R2 Mips" is the model equipped with a system called Mips (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) on AERO-R2.
The Mips system consists of a low-friction layer attached to the inside of the helmet. In the event of a crash, the low-friction layer is designed to move slightly within the helmet, helping to redirect the force away from the head. This is intended to reduce the risk of brain injury.

The graphic is based on the design used by Aleix Espargaró, a Kabuto supported rider and Mips ambassador who competes in MotoGP™, the world's premier motorcycle road race.
While competing in MotoGP™, Aleix also enjoys cycling and trains with some of the world's best cyclists.

The graphic design features a black base with dazzle camouflage all over the helmet and Aleix's favorite color, pink, as an accent. The top of the helmet also features Aleix's personal number, "41," in a bold layout.

AERO-R2_rear_MIPS ALEIX.jpg AERO-R2_up_view_MIPS ALEIX.jpg

■Aleix Espargaró
(Born: July 30, 1989 / Spain / Aprilia Racing)
Category: MotoGP™.

Born in Granollers, Spain, 34 years old, he started competing in the 125cc class of the World Championship in 2005. After riding in the 250cc class, made his MotoGP™ debut in the premier class midway through the 2009 season. 2017 saw him move to Aprilia Racing Team Gresini, and from 2022 he has been racing for Aprilia Racing. In 2022 he took his first win at the 2022 GP of Argentina. In 2023, he won one sprint race and two final races to finish 6th in the annual ranking.

AERO-R2Mips-img-2.jpg AERO-R2Mips-img-1.jpg

Mips Website

■AERO-R2 Mips

Scheduled to be released in April 2024

Color: Aleix
Size: XS/S (54-56cm), S/M (55-58cm), L/XL (59-61cm)
<JCF (Japan Cycling Federation) approved

  • Aerodynamic performance thoroughly pursued and proven through CFD analysis and wind tunnel testing.
  • Air Tunnel Structure (PAT.P) improves aerodynamic performance through air rectification.
  • Mips, the low-friction layer is adopted for further protection in the event of a crash.
  • "KBF-2" adjuster with Boa® fit system.
  • Headrest with two-stage adjustment on both sides.
  • Patented aerodynamic device "Wake Stabilizer (PAT.)
  • AR-5 shield as a standard equipment.
  • COOLMAX® for maximum air cooling effect.
  • Non-slip rubber-02 the eyewear hold function is included.
  • Water-repellent chinstrap made of deodorant fiber MOFF®.
  • Anti-Slip Buckle" to reduce chinstrap loosening.

※Mips system cannot be used with the existing AERO-R2.
※Ultra-sweatpad cannot be used for "AERO-R2 Mips".


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