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Mar, 26, 2024


Introducing our vibrant palette of 7 new hues in our premium aerodynamic road helmet, the AERO-R2.


AERO-R2 combines aerodynamic performance cultivated in the world of track competitions with comfort that allows riders to focus even in grueling road races. Its streamlined aerodynamics are achieved through repeated data analysis and wind tunnel experiments, resulting in a sleek helmet body shape and the 'Air Tunnel Structure (PAT.P)' that utilizes airflow within the helmet for comfort and better aerodynamic efficiency.


This year, we introduce our freshly crafted graphic, 'G-2 Matte Cocu', together with a latest collection of colors.

'G-2 Matte Cocu' is a picturesquare scene filled by a serene white base, serving as the canvas for an exquisite display of colors. In this enchanting landscape, vibrant hues of purple, pink, light blue, and yellow dance together in perfect harmony, creating a captivating visual symphony.

Accompanied with 'G-2 Matte Cocu', 6 solid colors are added to our latest color scheme of AERO-R2. 'All White', 'Matte All Black', 'Matte Burgundy', 'Matte Aqua', 'Gray' and 'Matte Trans' complete the lineup for this update.

AERO-R2_24s_1.jpg AERO-R2_24s_9.jpg AERO-R2_24s_3.jpg
G-2 Matte Cocu

AERO-R2_24s_5.jpg AERO-R2_24s_10.jpg AERO-R2_24s_7.jpg
All White

AERO-R2_24s_11.jpg AERO-R2_24s_13.jpg AERO-R2_24s_12.jpg
Matte All Black Matte Burgundy Matte Aqua
AERO-R2_24s_14.jpg AERO-R2_24s_15.jpg
Gray Matte Trans

Available in late-March.
New Colors: G-2 Matte Cocu, All White, Matte All Black, Matte Burgundy, Matte Aqua, Gray, Matte Trans
Size (circumference/reference weight): XS/S (54-56cm/235g), S/M (55-58cm/245g), L/XL (59-61cm/270g)

<JCF (Japan Cycling Federation) approved>
<Eligible for Kabuto Crash Replacement Program>

・CFD analyzed, wind tunnel tested aerodynamic performance.
・'Air Tunnel Structure (PAT.P) improves air rectification and regulate air turbulence.
・KBF-2 Adjuster with 'Boa® Fit System'.
・2-level adjustable headrest.
・'Wake Stabilizer (PAT.)', the pioneering technology developed by Kabuto for aerodynamic supremacy.
・AR-5 Shield provides a vivid-clear vision in stylish fashion.
・COOLMAX® helmet liner, Ultra Sweat Pad-03 for maximized comfort.
・Non-Slip Rubber-02 holds eyewear or shades firmly onto the helmet.
・MOFF® odor-free and water repellency chin strap.
・Anti-Slip Buckle co-developed with YKK Co.

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