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Mar, 25, 2024
2024 NEW ITEM: FA1, FA1 Narrow


The all-new FA1 featured a sheer size NXT lens. Thanks to the advanced material and frameless design, FA1 weights a record-breaking 23g becomes the lightest eyewear Kabuto ever made.

Originally developed for military uses. The NXT Photochromic lens with its incredible durability of impact resistant and featherweight, makes it a perfect balance of visual and physical properties along with exceptional optical clarity.

Temples and nose pads are made of soft and elastic material. With 3 adjustment levels make it comfortable for everyone in every situation.

Besides the standard size, FA1 Narrow with a slightly smaller lens is available as a compact edition of FA1.

・Functions & Technology

・Asian-Fit Cylindrical Wide Lens.

fa1_size_400_300.jpg fa1narrow_size_400_300.jpg
FA1 FA1 Narrow

The oversized cylindrical lens creates a wide peripheral vision. And a supreme protection from sunlight.

・Anti-Reflection Coating.


Anti-reflection coating on the inside of the lens for a crystal clear vision.

・Wide range of transmittance rate.


Utilizing the best lens of NXT, results in wide range of light transmittance rate from 85% to 15% (NXT Clear Photochromic). With the help of a new production procedure, pre-mixing the photochromic liquid before molding the lenses. Resulting a prolonged lifespan compared to past products.

・Integrated nose pads and temples.


The temples and nose pads are integrated onto the NXT lens. This assembling design results in extreme light weight and improves in comfort.

・Flexible and skin-friendly components.


All parts are flexible and skin-friendly, providing an extremly comfortable wear experience.

・3-level temple adjustment.


The temples with 3-level adjustment suit any situation and environment.

・Rilsan® Eco-Friendly Polyamide.


Consided as eco-friendly. FA1 uses Rilsan® Clear G850 Rnew polyamide to reduce carbon footprint and prioritize sustainability and ethical practices.

・Capability of inner frame.


Special designed inner frame (sold separately) attachable onto FA1.

・Adjustable nose pad.


Nose pad with 3 adjustment levels.


3 color combinations available in:


Matte Black/NXT Clear Photochromic, White/NXT Rose Clear Photochromic, Crystal Clear/NXT Sky Clear Photochromic.

FA1_img_2.jpg FA1_img_3.jpg FA1_img_1.jpg
Matte Black/NXT Clear Photochromic White/NXT Rose Clear Photochromic Crystal Clear/NXT Sky Clear Photochromic

・FA1/FA1 Narrow
Available in April.

・Colors: (frame/lens)

Matte Black/NXT Clear Photochromic, White/NXT Rose Clear Photochromic, Crystal Clear/NXT Sky Clear Photochromic

・Light transmittance rate of lenses:

NXT Clear Photochromic (85%~15%)

NXT Rose Clear Photochromic (80%~10%)

NXT Sky Clear Photochromic (80%~10%)

・UV transmittance: Below 0.1% (All NXT lenses)

・Anti-reflection coating on the inner side of lens.

・Lens curve: cylindrical 5 curve

・Durable, lightweight NXT lens.

・Rilsan® Clear G850 Rnew polyamide frame.

・Capability of inner frame (sold separately)

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