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Mar, 19, 2024


The all-new CANVAS-SMART is an all-rounded, spot-on helmet for riding in the regular basis. The new designed helmet with an attachable shield joins our urban collection in this March.

CANVAS-SMART shares the design concept 'Being Smart & Fashionable' with our CANVAS series, which is to make a perfect helmet no matter for daily commuting or casual street riding. Sharing the signature looks with the CANVAS series, the new ventilation design makes CANVAS-SMART not too aggressive but a perfectly mild helmet for urban riding.

The AR-5 shield, which was exclusive for sports helmets, comes as standard. And an option equipment of visor. Gives you protection from wind and sun, with a stylish looking in town.

・Functions & Technology

・Eyewear friendly shield*


Easy attach with just simple clicks on magnets. And the special designed shape makes no conflict with the glasses.

*Some eyewear might not fit depending on its design.

・Easy-to-use dial adjuster


Simply spins the adjuster wheel from loose to snug fit. With two levels of vertical adjustment.

・Large reflectors for enhanced nighttime safety.


Enlarged size of reflection panel alerts drivers coming from behind, a must-have safety measure for nighttime riding.

・Attachable visor (sold separately)


Optional visor helps shade the eyes against the glare of sunlight. Changing styles with effortless installation.

・Optional colored shields available.


Shields are available in other color options (sold separately).


Matte color scheme providing a total of 7 color options. With the most common fitting - M/L(57-59cm).

CanvasSmart-img-1.jpg CanvasSmart-img-5.jpg CanvasSmart-img-3.jpg
Matte Off White

CanvasSmart-img-6.jpg CanvasSmart-img-11.jpg CanvasSmart-img-10.jpg
Matte Black Matte Teal Matte Olive
CanvasSmart-img-9.jpg CanvasSmart-img-7.jpg CanvasSmart-img-8.jpg
Matte Light Gray Matte Ash Navy Matte Berry


Available in mid-March.

Color: Matte Off White, Matte Black, Matte Teal, Matte Olive, Matte Light Gray, Matte Ash Navy, Matte Berry

Size: M/L(57-59cm)

<JCF (Japan Cycling Federation) approved>

AR-5 magnet locking mechanism shield comes as standard.

XF-10 adjuster with 2 levels of vertical adjustment for customized comfort.

Light reflectors for enhanced safety.

Optional visor for stylish looking and sunlight protection.

Selection of colors available in AR-5 shield (sold separately).

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