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Apr, 02, 2024


Discover our brand new multi-purpose helmet, HIKE.

Characterized by simplicity and clean lines, HIKE presents a compact and streamlined appearance. With a versatility-minded design, and a detachable AR-5 shield marks as a standard equipment.

Combined with the Anti-Slip Buckle which jointly developed with YKK Co., and the Kabuto's innovative spring structure XF-8 adjuster, together they provide an enhanced comfort and safety.

Highly visible reflectors are intergrated from various angles, ensure the nighttime visibility from drivers.

Functions & Technology

・Eyewear Compatible Shield


Attaching the AR-5 Shield is effortless, simply just line up the magnets onto the helmet and you are good to go.

The special designed shape makes no conflict with the glasses.*

*Some eyewear might not fit depends on its design.

・Hi-Vis Reflectors


Highly visible reflectors are inserted from all angles of the helmet. Maximized the nighttime visibility for safety.

・Compact-designed Silhouette


Silhouette and shell are designed with the pursuing of compactness, in a result of stylish looking and easy storage.

・XF-8 Adjuster


Innovative spring structure with an easy operating dial, the XF-8 adjuster contributes to comfort by ensuring a snug and secure fit.

・Anti-Slip Buckle co-developed with YKK Co.


The all-new buckle gives a better grip and further reinforcement compared to past product, works as an essential part of the helmet


Freshly crafted palette with 6 color options:

Off White, Matte Black, Gray, Teal, Persimmon Red and Sand.

HIKE-img-1.jpg HIKE-img-16.jpg HIKE-img-13.jpg
Off White

HIKE-img-2.jpg HIKE-img-3.jpg HIKE-img-6.jpg
Matte Black Gray Teal
HIKE-img-4.jpg HIKE-img-5.jpg
Persimmon Red Sand

Available in April.
Colors: Off White, Matte Black, Gray, Teal, Persimmon Red, Sand
Size (reference weight): S/M (55-58cm/250g), L/XL (59-61cm/280g)
<JCF (Japan Cycling Federation) approved>

・AR-5 Shield with easy-attaching magnet mechanism.
・Highly visible reflectors at multiple angles.
・Compact-designed silhouette.
・XF-8 Adjuster for customized fit and comfort.
・Anti-Slip Buckle co-developed with YKK Co.

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