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Jun, 06, 2024


The all-new premium model "RAFFINE" is more than a bicycle helmet, it is also a fashion item that express your personality and style.


Sharing the same "fashion-oriented" design concept, RAFFINE joins as a new member of our hat-type daily helmet lineup. Versatile and certified as SG Standard, same as our past collections with SICURE, DAYS, LIBERO and JOLY, RAFFINE with a bunch of new features made it our premium model of this lineup.


"Hat-type" and "Casquette-type" are available.

Crafted with skin-friendly material and decorated with a ribbon motif at the back , the "Hat-type" represents elegance and finesse.

The large wire-controlled brim provides protection from the sun.

The "Casquette-type" with its rounded shape gives a gentle impression, making it easy to match with various outfits with its simple design, suitable for people of all ages. Additionally, the "casquette-type" hat cover can be removed from the helmet and the buttons reattached, allowing it to be used as a standalone hat.

We have pursued not only safety and comfort but also enhanced fashionability, using higher quality materials and designs than ever before. Enjoy your cycling life with RAFFINE, adding a touch of elegance to your everyday style.

SG Standard

Products which certified as 'SG Standard'. Comprehensively tested for its safety features, including the ability to absort impact, the strength of safety strap, the 'roll-off' test that simulate the real life wearing situation and so on.

And eligible for compensation of human loss resulted from an accident by the failure of an SG Mark-labeled product under the regulations of SG Mark Scheme.

Functions & Technology

・Helmet (KB-28R) is exclusively developed and used on RAFFINE


・"Anti-bacterial" inner pads


・"2-way design" hat cover itself can be used as a standalone hat


・Flippable brim for ensured visibility


・Dedicated fabric helmet bag


One size configuration with 54-57cm.

Hat-type available in Charcoal and Mocha Beige,

Casquette-type available in Gray and Black.

RAFFINE-img-10.jpg RAFFINE-img-11.jpg RAFFINE-img-14.jpg
Hat3 Charcoal

RAFFINE-img-8.jpg RAFFINE-img-9.jpg
Hat3 Mocha Beige
RAFFINE-img-1.jpg RAFFINE-img-3.jpg RAFFINE-img-4.jpg
Cap2 Gray (Casquette-type)

Cap2 Black (Casquette-type)

Available from mid-May.
Size(reference weight): 54-57cm (Hat-type 335g, Casquette-type 320g)
Color: Hat3 Charcoal, Hat3 Mocha Beige, Cap2 Gray (Casquette-type), Cap2 Black (Casquette-type)
<SG Standard>
・High-quality fabric for flexibility and easy to maintain
・Double-layered hat cover retains the style of the hat
・Flippable brim and size adjustment system (patent pending)
・Exclusively developed helmet shell dedicated for RAFFINE
・Certified as "SG Standard" states its level of safety and craftsmanship


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