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Jul, 02, 2024


We are pleased to announce the limited release of the new color "SAKURA-24" for our lightweight model "FLEX-AIR", which boasts exceptional comfort and cooling performance. This new color will be available at designated damage replacement stores*.


The newly added "SAKURA-24" color, as its name suggests, is a special edition featuring cherry blossoms, the iconic flower of Japan, scattered across the entire helmet. It is based on the red and white of the Japanese flag and incorporates traditional patterns such as "Yagasuri," which consists of hemp leaves and feathers from broken arrows, believed to ward off evil spirits. The helmet also showcases Japanese aesthetics with ink brush-like lines and other Japanese-inspired graphics.

FLEX-AIR_Sakura-img-1.jpg FLEX-AIR_Sakura-img-2.jpg FLEX-AIR_Sakura-img-5.jpg

FLEX-AIR_Sakura-img-3.jpg FLEX-AIR_Sakura-img-4.jpg FLEX-AIR_Sakura-img-6.jpg

Additionally, with the purchase of the "SAKURA-24," you will receive a complimentary "Sakura 2024 Bottle" (not for sale).

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*Please note that the actual design may differ slightly.

*Helmet Damage Replacement System
If you purchase an eligible helmet in-store at a registered damage replacement store and register the product, you will be eligible for a replacement system. In the event that the helmet is damaged within one year of purchase, you can exchange it for a new one of the same model at half the price listed on our website (free shipping and tax included).

However, since this is a limited edition model, replacements will be provided in existing colors.

▶ For more details on the Damage Replacement System, click here.
▶ For information on registered damage replacement stores, click here.

Available at registered damage replacement stores from August.
Available in select stores only.
Sizes (Weight): XS/S (54-56cm/185g), S/M (55-58cm/195g), L/XL (59-61cm/215g)
Included Bonus: Sakura 2024 Bottle (not for sale)
< JCF (Japan Cycling Federation) Approved >
< Eligible for Helmet Damage Replacement System >

・Streamlined spherical form eliminating excess material to achieve "lightweight" design.
・Reduced shell surface area for further weight reduction.
・Airflow design optimized for riding position.
・"Airflow Pad" with three-point floating structure for enhanced cooling.
・"KBF-2" adjuster with BOA® Fit System.
・New adjustable headrest mechanism with two-step adjustment on both sides (PAT).
・Four-level vertical adjustment for precise fitting.
・Two types of practical interior options to choose from.
・Eyewear hold function and included "Non-Slip Rubber-03".
・Odor-resistant MOFF® fiber chin strap with added water repellency.
・COOLMAX® material for maximum cooling effect.

Click here for details of FLEX-AIR SAKURA-24.


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