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Jul, 03, 2024


We are launching a new graphic model "VESTER" for the lightweight, comfortable, and high-performance system helmet "RYUKI."


The new "VESTER" utilizes distinctive features of "RYUKI", such as air ventilation and wake stabilizers, emphasizing a stylish design with lines that evoke the flow of wind. It is suitable not only for sport-tourers but also for naked bikes and adventure bikes, standing out in various situations from long-distance touring to city use.

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ryuki_VESTER-1.jpg ryuki_VESTER-2.jpg
Flat Black Red Black White

RYUKI features Kabuto's spectacular aerodynamic device "Wake Stabilizer" and an edgy-shaped shell design that combines style and strength. Being a system helmet, RYUKI also features a flip-up chin, with inner sunshade and IR-cut shield. Full of comfort features and gadgets meanwhile lighter than conventional system helmets. It is a new generation of system helmet designed for riders to concentrate and enjoy motorcycle riding to the fullest.


Available from late-June.

Color: Tricolor, Flat Black Red, Black White

Size: S(55-56cm)/M(57-58cm)/L(59-60cm)/XL(61-62cm)

Safety standard: Certified as SG Standard

Standard shield & parts: CM-2-P UIC Shield (UIC Clear), Wind Shutter No.6

Optional: Pinlock® Original Insert Lens

・"CM-2-P UIC shield (UIC clear)" with infrared (IR) cut function comes as standard equipment.
・Retractive "CM-2 inner sunshade" protects and provides better visibility under the sunlight.
・Large breath guard for breathability and visibility in a contrasting thermo enviroment.
・Archieved a lighter weight compared to conventional system helmet by reviewing the parts layout and decoration processing.
・Flip-up system helmet.
・Intercom attachment space reserved.
・Glasses-friendly cheek pad.
・"Wake Stabilizer"(PAT.No.4311691), aerodynamic technology that controls the air flow around the helmet while riding.
・Easy-to-operate ventilation system.
・Removable and washable interior linings.
・Optional "Wide type 100% MAX VISION Pinlock sheet 'CM-2-P Pinlock® Original Insert Lens' ".
・Wind shutter No.6 blocks wind from underneath the chin for better thermo control.
・Kabuto's original "micro ratchet buckle" for reliable security and fine adjustment with multiple engaging teeth.

Click here for more information about RYUKI VESTER.


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