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Jul, 02, 2024
2024 NEW MODEL: DAYS (size: 57-60cm)


We are excited to announce the launch of a new larger size (57-60 cm) for our outdoor-style hat-type helmet, "DAYS".


DAYS is a bicycle helmet designed in the style of a hat. It has received certification for safety as required by the SG standards (*1) for bicycle helmets. This model features a helmet cover with a wide brim, giving it an outdoor aesthetic.

Until now, DAYS was available only in one size (54-57 cm), but to accommodate a wider range of users, we are adding a larger size (57-60 cm).

Additionally, we will also be releasing hat-shaped helmet covers as replacements (*2).


DAYS_Lsize-img-1.jpg DAYS_Lsize-img-2.jpg
Khaki Black

HA-2(helmet cover)


2 Color Variations

(*1)SG Standard

Products which certified as 'SG Standard'. Comprehensively tested for its safety features, including the ability to absort impact, the strength of safety strap, the 'roll-off' test that simulate the real life wearing situation and so on.

And eligible for compensation of human loss resulted from an accident by the failure of an SG Mark-labeled product under the regulations of SG Mark Scheme.

(*2)Helmet Cover Usage

Helmet covers can only be replaced if they are the same size. Covers of different sizes cannot be attached.

Available from late-June.
Size (Weight): 57-60 cm (N/A)
Color: Khaki, Black
<SG Standard>
・Certified with the "Bicycle SG Standard" for safety assurance.
・Features a lightweight and compact in-mold construction soft shell.
・Equipped with reflective material for night-time safety.
・Patent-pending drawcord brim lift function.

Click here for more details of DAYS.

HA-2(helmet cover)
Available from late-June.
Size (Weight): 57-60 cm (N/A)
Color: Khaki, Black

・Replacement helmet cover for DAYS.


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