KABUTO Bicycle Helmet & Gear 2024

Lightweight with No ExcessKBF-2 Adjuster equipped with the Boa® Fit SystemChoose from three highly practical interiors to suit the helmet’s applicationPunching Design ContributesReducing WeightNew headrest design allows for two-level adjustment on both sidesPackaged with Ultra Sweat Pad-04Enhanced VentilationEyewear hold function and nonslip rubber (included)Air Flow Pad4-step up and down adjustability function for finely tuned fittingChin strap made from MOFF® odor-free fiber with additional water-repellencyCOOLMAX® material to assist in maximum air-cooling performanceThe Ultimate lightweight form is contributed by the spherical shape and the exterior cut to itsutmost limit.Allows for uniform tightening and fine adjustments to the fit of the helmet. Large dial has a easy-to-catch on fingers design that makes quick, one-handed adjustments possible.*Boa® is a registered trademark of Boa Technology Inc.A.I. NetWinter Inner PadAir-FlowPadHelmet interiors can be swapped out depending on the season and application. A.I. Net (anti-insect net) to discourage insects from entering the helmet, and the Winter Inner Pad as a measure against the winter cold.Sweat pad is designed with a floating structure that efficiently guides sweat to the sides of the forehead.Lightweight is realized by punching design,reducing the shell dimension. Weightless experience by weight-balanced design.Width of the headrest portion is adjustable to two levels. Adjusts tightness and fit according to the rear head shape, which varies greatly by individual.Shaped to easily accommodate eyewear and keep it securely in place with nonslip rubber.*Excluding specially-shaped eyewearNonslip rubberAir-cooling performance is improved by optimizing the air-hole angles associating with the riding position.MOFF® odor-free fiber and water repellency reduces the weight increase by absorbed sweat and keeps the strap feeling fresh against the skin.Air Flow Pad; the Y-shaped floating structure pad; maintains space between your head and the helmet contributes to improving ventilation securing the air-pathway.Adjuster arm is adjustable in 4-steps from the top to the back of the head. Provides fine tuning to further achieve the "ultimate" fit.COOLMAX® material assists in air-cooling by quickly evaporating sweat and keeping the surface dry and comfortable at all times.To soar to even greater heights.All the refined details are for the sake of “lightweight”The reborn “lightweight”achieves outstanding fitting and cooling performance.

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