KABUTO Bicycle Helmet & Gear 2024

The extremely narrow shell design reduces aerodynamic drag not only when driving straight ahead, but also in crosswinds and when checking behind.KBF-2 Adjuster equipped with the Boa® Fit SystemAllows for uniform tightening and fine adjustments of the helmet. Large dial has a easy-to-catch on fingers design that makes quick, one-handed adjustments possible.Aerodynamic performance thoroughly investigated and proven by CFD analysis and wind tunnel testing“Air tunnel structure (PAT.P)”to improve aerodnamic performance by air rectification.Patented structure that reduces unwanted drag and stabilises aerodynamic performance by regulating air turbulence in the air route and channeling it to the rear. Depending on the application, the air path plate can be removed and replaced at will.New headrest design allows for two-level adjustment on both sidesWidth of the headrest portion is adjustable to two levels. Adjusts tightness and fit according to the rear head shape, which varies greatly by individual.Patented aerodynamic device "Wake Stabilizer (PAT.)". *Boa® is a registered trademark of Boa Technology Inc.Air tunnel structure (PAT.P)Image of intake and exhaust using CFD analysis resultsNonslip rubberThis is an aerodynamic feature developed by Kabuto as a device for motorcycle competitions, which enables a short tail to have the same aerodynamic drag as a long tail.Conquer the wind.An aero-road helmet in the genes of the track aero helmets that have captured the attention of the world.

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