KABUTO Bicycle Helmet & Gear 2024

SHIELDSHIELDSHIELDSHIELDShield of Minimal Interferencewith Eye Wear Compact Design,Smaller Silhouette One-Notch-Above EmbracingFitting"anti-slip buckle" jointly developed withYKK Corporation.The shield is packaged as a standard accessory. The shield is easy to attach or detach by magnets, and well-thought-out design to accommodate eye wear.*Some types of eye wear might not fit with the shield.Integration of the shell and liner creates in a more moderate, smaller silhouette that feels natural for use by first-time helmet users.Spring structure provides optimal flexibility at the support portion of the helmet for an even better fit that feels like an embrace at the back of the head.Equipped with a "anti-slip buckle" with a locking mechanism that prevents the chinstrap from loosening compared to conventional buckles.Size (reference weight)S/M (55-58cm) : 245g L (58-59cm): 255g XL/XXL (60-63cm): 270g*Normal Inner Pad Set is NOT available on this model.*Some of the graphics are asymmetrical.*Shield : AR-5 Shield (light smoke; Light Transmittance Rate 65%, UV protection rate over 99%)VITT Replacement PartsXF-8 AdjusterColor : BlackVITT Optional PartsAR-5 ShieldLight SmokeSilver MirrorXF-8 AdjusterFront Spacer*For refinement of distance between shield and face/eye wear.Matte Mono WhiteS/MLXL/XXLMatte CoyoteS/MLXL/XXLMatte Mono BlackLXL/XXLS/MG-4 Matte Black NavyLXL/XXLS/MVITT A.I. NetColor : BlackSize: Common in all sizesAR-5 ShieldColor : Light SmokeAdjustment Lock set-06Color : BlackMatte GrayLXL/XXLS/MA.I. Netpackaged7colorsARS-3 ShieldAR-3 ShieldLight SmokeFor details about shields, see page 13.Matte Ash NavyS/MLXL/XXLG-4 Matte Black RedLXL/XXLS/MAdjustable at four positions of ups and downsThe New StandardTransforming the aerodynamics to comfortPursued the compact formEquipped with a shield as standard

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