KABUTO Bicycle Helmet & Gear 2024

Compatible with shield (sold separately)Improved wrap-around fitFront visor includedWith the REZZA-2 Exclusive Shield Attachment (sold separately), the AR-5 or ARS-3 Shield (sold separately) can be equipped to the REZZA-2 helmet.*The AR-3 shield used on AERO-R1 and VITT models cannot be attached.*This shield attachment is designed exclusively for the REZZA-2 model.*Shields cannot be attached to the REZZA model.Equipped with the XF-8 Adjuster, which utilizes a spring structure to achieve optimal flexibility in the spherical support section and achieve a sense of wrap-around fit at the back of the head. Enjoy the feeling of comfortable support and excellent fit.Includes a front visor that can be attached or removed depending on the helmet’s application or personal preference.*Front visor cannot be used together with sold-separately shield.Size (reference weight)M/L (57-60cm) : 215gXL/XXL (61-64cm): 230g*Reference weight when visor is not equipped*Normal Inner Pad Set is NOT available on this model.REZZA-2 Replacement PartsXF-8 AdjusterColor : BlackREZZA-2 A.I. NetColor : Black(same for all sizes)REZZA-2 Optional PartsAR-5 ShieldLight SmokeSilver MirrorG-1 Matte RedM/LXL/XXL *To attach a shield, "Shield Attachment-01 (sold separately)" and either the "AR-5 Shield (sold separately)" or "ARS-3 Shield (sold separately)" are required.*The shield attachment is designed exclusively for use with the REZZA-2 model.Shields cannot be attached to the REZZA model.Matte Ash BlueM/LXL/XXL Pearl WhiteM/LXL/XXL G-1 Matte TurquoiseM/LXL/XXL Matte TransM/LXL/XXL Matte BlackM/LXL/XXL BlackM/LXL/XXL G-2 Black RedM/LXL/XXL G-2 Black NavyM/LXL/XXL Matte EarthM/LXL/XXL G-1 Matte SilverM/LXL/XXL Matte Light GrayM/LXL/XXL REZZA VisorColor : BlackAdjustment Lock set-06Color : BlackA.I. NetpackagedXF-8 Adjuster7colorsARS-3 ShieldShield Attachment-01*Designed for REZZA-2Adjustable at four positions of ups and downsMatte RedM/LXL/XXL G-1 Matte BlueM/LXL/XXL Matte MintM/LXL/XXL Front visorpackagedFront Spacer*For refinement of distance between shield and face/eye wear.For details about shields, see page 13.Casual shield style.The authentic, multi-purpose REZZA model, now redesigned for shield compatibility.

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