KABUTO Bicycle Helmet & Gear 2024

Design,Function,TechnologyFor Every SceneKabuto Eye Wears offer lenses both for day and night rides in a package.Photochromic lensesyou the 24 hour-suitable eye wear without changing lenses.Kabuto researched all about Round heads and invented ASIAN FIT which offers specific design frames, lens shapes and thickness of nose pads. Round FIT relieves you fromheadache and uncomfortablefitting in the long-riding.Photochromic lens respond to the amount of UV light by adjusting the tint level and offers Note! Photochromic lens will not be functioning under the condition UV light is blocked.Lens that responds to UV light amount by adjusting the tint level.*The higher the temperature,the less likely it is to change color. Kabuto Eye Wears are designed to wear together with a helmet and prevent creating interference distortion while riding.Note! Color and Q’ty of spare lenses vary by models.Postures while riding and walking are different, and so are the face angles. Kabuto Eye Wear lenses angle is designed for the riding posture. To offer the broad view, Kabuto Eye Wears have wide angle lenses.Different color spare lenses are packaged in. By replacing the lenses, you can use them at any hour of day or night.Tinted lens to reduce the glare mainly at sunny weatherNormal Eye Wear view“For Prescription Lenses” mark shows the model which prescription lenses can be applied.Please be aware of followings.Models with high-curved lenses will need a technical process to make prescription lenses. Please refer to our website for the list of shops for prescription lenses and consult with them before purchasing products. Be noted to try the inner framed models for prescription lenses before purchasing as they may make the view narrower than normal glasses.*Please contact your local dealer with sports optical knowledge when ordering prescription lenses. We do not accept any claims, relating to prescription lenses.Light tinted lens for early morning, evening and at night, or in the rain.*At night, please note to use lenses with more than 75%visible light transmittance rate for safety.Kabuto Eye Wears are specifically designed for cycling. Added to giving the wide angle to secure the wide view, frames have designed to be high-curved to protect eyes from fragments and wind, and to smooth the airflow. Lenses are also designed high-curved. These elements may effect on your sight. Thus, please make sure to use Kabuto Eye Wears after well accustomed to them. Be sure to try Kabuto Eye Wears before purchasing. Fitting of Kabuto helmets and Kabuto Eye Wears may vary among individuals.Eye Wear Image LinePhotochromic LensRound FITWITH HELMETROUNDSpare lenses setStandard Tinted LensWIDE VIEWNOTE!!Light tinted lensNXT Clear PhotochromicNXT Rose Clear PhotochromicNXT Sky Clear PhotochromicAnti-fog Clear PhotochromicWater Repellent Clear PhotochromicRed Clear PhotochromicCoated MauveGreenSmoke FlashMauve GreenAmber FlashWater Repellent SpectrumMauve MirrorAnti-fog Light SmokeWater RepellentLight PinkClearAR ClearExclusively Designed for Rounder headEssential Functions Featured Kabuto Eye Wear series are designed for a riding posture and offer an ideal of frames and lenses. The various performance of Kabuto Eye Wear series were created from wide variety of opinions and feedbacks from beginners to experts. Kabuto Eye Wear support the ride of all cyclists.

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