KABUTO Bicycle Helmet & Gear 2024

85·Standard Lens Color (Visible Light Transmittance Rate)Matte Black Frame: NXT Clear Photochromic (85%~15%)White Frame: NXT Rose Clear Photochromic (80%~10%)Crystal Clear Frame: NXT Sky Clear Photochromic (80%~10%)·UV transmittance : Less than 0.1% (common to all lens colors)·Special Lens Coating : Anti reflection coating (Inner side)·Lens curve : Cylindrical 5 curve·The NXT lenses feature minimal distortion, exceptional durability, and lightweight properties.·The frame utilizes eco-friendly material Rilsan® Clear G850 Rnew (polyamide).·Inner frame compatible (sold separately)Caution·Due to the flexible nature of this product, there is a possibility of slippage if the size is not suitable. Therefore, purchasing after trying it on for fit confirmation is highly recommended.·This product uses a method of adhering the nose pads and temple parts to the lenses, so there is a risk of detachment if excessive force is applied. Please avoid applying intentional force, especially to these areas.·Photochromic color shifting speed and color density may vary according to the usage environment. Photochromic lens will degrade with age, causing the color shifting property gets desensitized.Round fit cylindrical wide lenses are used. Not only do they offer a wide field of vision, but also a good fit.The FA1 utilizes NXT photochromic lenses, offering versatile day-to-night performance with minimal distortion and exceptional durability. Derived from ultra-lightweight ballistic materials, NXT provides superior impact resistance and lightweight properties, allowing for a thinner lens profile without compromising strength. An anti-reflective coating minimizes glare for enhanced visibility.Anti-reflection coatingThis coating is designed to reduce reflection on the lens surface. It is effective in improving the visibility of high transmittance lenses such as clear.Wide range of visible lighttransmission changesWe use a lens with the widest range of light transmission changes among NXT photochromic lenses, with enhanced durability of the photochromic performance.By directly adhering the nose pads and temple parts to the NXT thin lenses, we have eliminated unnecessary , resulting in an impressively lightweight design for our wide-lens model.The angle of the temples is adjustable in three stages, allowing for customization based on usage and personal preference.ItemV-NOSE-15INF-1ColorBlackClearIncorporating high flexibility into all components ensures a light and comfortable fit without any sense of pressure.To achieve an environmentally friendly design, the FA1 frame utilizes Rilsan® Clear G850 Rnew (polyamide), an eco-material composed of 45% plant-based ingredients.Introducing the FA1 lensFA1 SpecificationsFA1 SpecificationsRound fit Cylindrical wide lensThe lightest model in Kabuto history born with the same concept as Flex-Air.Featuring NXTphotochromic lenses to ensure excellent visibility and safety.Anti-reflection coatingAdjustable nose padsInner frameLens colorsLens colorsFA1 Replacement PartsPartsNose PieceInner frameFA1 Common Accessories (packaged)FA1 Common Accessories (packaged)Replacement Parts:Kabuto Semihard Case No.4(K-Case-08)Kabuto Sunglass bag (Glass bag-03)ModelMatte Black / NXT Clear PhotochromicImage of light transmittance rate shiftNose pads with metal frame. They are freely adjustable.White / NXT Rose Clear PhotochromicInner frame specially designed for the FA1.NXT Clear PhotochromicCrystal Clear / NXT Sky Clear PhotochromicNXT Rose Clear PhotochromicNXT Sky Clear PhotochromicWeight:*For reference only

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