KABUTO Bicycle Helmet & Gear 2024

Anti-reflection coatingCear lens ony)Oeophobc Waterent coatingmm65(llli・ repell・・・・・・・Round fit cylindrical wide lenses are used. Not only do they offer a wide field of vision, but also a good fit.The 122 Mauve Green lenses are designed to be used by professional cyclists, with excellent visibility and effective shading.With a mirror coating that ensures even color distribution,the oleophobic and water-repellent coating on the outer surface that resists oil stains, a base color that increases contrast and a visible light transmittance that takes into account situations such as entering the shade of a tree, these are lenses worthy of the flagship model.A replacement clear lens is also included for use after dark or in the rain. The clear lens feature an oil-resistant water-repellent coating on the outer surface and an anti-reflective coating on the inner surface to reduce internal reflections, helping users to enjoy riding in any season and at any time of day.This coating is designed to reduce reflection on the lens surface. It is effective in improving the visibility of high transmittance lenses such as clear.Item122-SR122-SR-ARV-NOSE-12122-INFColorMauve GreenAR ClearBlackBlack122 /122PHReplacement Parts:Kabuto Semihard Case No.3(K-Case-07)Kabuto Lens Cloth No.1 (K-Cloth-01)122 Lens specifications122 / 122PH Specifications122 / 122PH SpecificationsRound fit Cylindrical wide lensClear, wide vision, comfortable fit and light weight.The flagship model with performance worthy of a real sports model.2 sets of lensesAdjustable nose pads137mmOutsideOleophobic and water repellent coatingInsideSpare Lens colorsSpare Lens colors122 Replacement PartsPartsSpare LensInner frameNose PadInner frame122 / 122PH Common Accessories (packaged)122 / 122PH Common Accessories (packaged)Anti-reflection coatingModelLens constructionLensCrystal Clear / Mauve GreenMatte Black / Mauve GreenStandard lens color (visible light transmittance) : Mauve Green (20%), AR Clear (90%)UV transmittance : Less than 0.1% (common to all lens colors)Special Lens Coating : External oleophobic water repellent coating, Anti reflection coating (clear lens only)Lens curve : Cylindrical 6 curveTwo sets of lenses made of polycarbonate with excellent transparency, impact resistance and heat resistance as well as UV protection.The frame is made of TR90 (Grilamid®), a super-elastic resin with excellent lightweight and impact resistance.Inner frame compatible (sold separately) Lens color : Mauve Green / AR ClearNose pads with metal frame. They are freely adjustable.White / Mauve GreenPrevents staining of the lens and improves visibility.Earth Green / Mauve GreenMauve GreenInner frame specially designed for the 122.Earth Blue / Mauve GreenAR Clear

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