KABUTO Bicycle Helmet & Gear 2024

Anti-fog sheetOeophobc Waterent coatingmm65li・・ repell・・・・・Equipped with anti-fog sheet to keep clear visionFeatures mirror-coated Photochromic clear lensesThe 122PH red clear Photochromic lens is equipped with a Oleophobic and water repellent coating on the outer surface and an anti-fog sheet on the inner surface.The synergy between the red mirror, which also takes into account the strong sunlight, and the wide field of vision unique to this model, further enhances the utility performance of the Photochromic lens.This is the pinnacle of lenses, developed for users who want to be able to adapt to different situations without having to change lenses.The 122PH red clear photochromic is equipped with an anti-fog sheet on the inner surface. It prevents fogging and keeps clear vision even when wearing a mask on rainy or cold days.The red clear Photochromic lens, which is included with the 122PH, has a mirror coating layer which provides a constant light shielding even at high temperatures when Photochromic performance is reduced.122 / 122PHReplacement Parts:Kabuto Semihard Case No.3(K-Case-07)Kabuto Lens Cloth No.1 (K-Cloth-01)122PH Lens specifications122 / 122PH Specifications122 / 122PH SpecificationsRound fit Cylindrical wide lensAdjustable nose pads137mmEyewear with water-repellent, anti-fog mirrored lenses developed for a true utility lens.OutsideOleophobic and water repellent coatingInsideSpare Lens colorSpare Lens color122PH Replacement PartsPartsItem122-SR-PHSpare LensV-NOSE-12Nose Pad122-INFInner frameInner frame122 / 122PH Common Accessories (packaged)122 / 122PH Common Accessories (packaged)ModelLens constructionLensVisible Light Transmittance Rate65%Visible Light Transmittance Rate13%ColorRed Clear PhotochromicBlackBlackCrystal Clear / Red Clear PhotochromicMatte Black / Red Clear PhotochromicStandard accessory lens color (visible light transmittance) : Red Clear (65%-13%)UV transmittance : Less than 0.1% (common to all lens colors)Special lens coating : External oleophobic water repellent coating, Internal anti-fogging sheetLens curve : Cylindrical 6 curvePolycarbonate lenses with excellent transparency, impact resistance and heat resistance as well as UV protection.The frame is made of TR90 (Grilamid®) , a super-elastic resin with excellent lightness and impact resistance.Inner frame compatible (sold separately).・Note on Photochromic lensesPhotochromic color shifting speed and density will vary depending on the operating environment, ・and decay of color changing function over time. This is an unavoidable phenomenon due to the nature of the lens and should be understood before purchasing.The higher the temperature, the less likely it is to change color as its characteristic.Round fit cylindrical wide lenses are used. Not only do they offer a wide field of vision, but also a good fit.Nose pads with metal frame. They are freely adjustable.White / Red Clear PhotochromicPrevents staining of the lens and improves visibility.Earth Green / Red Clear PhotochromicRed Clear PhotochromicInner frame specially designed for the 122.Earth Blue / Red Clear PhotochromicImage of light transmittance rate shift

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