KABUTO Bicycle Helmet & Gear 2024

・Standard attached lens color (visible light transmittance rate):  Anti-Fog Clear Photochromic (81-17%)・UV light transmittance rate less than 0.1% (same for all colors)・Special lens coating: Anti-Fog Coating on both sides・Lens curve: 6 curve・・・CautionPhotochromic color shifting speed and color density may vary according to the usage environment. Photochromic lens will degrade with age, causing the color shifting property gets desensitized.The higher the temperature, the less likely it is to change color as its characteristic.The nose pad is made with a metal frame that allows for free adjustment.Eye Wear Image LineFrom the design of the frame to the shape of the lenses and thickness of the nose pad, all parts of Kabuto’s Round FIT eyewear are based on the shape of the average Asian person’s head to greatly reduce headaches and discomfort experienced when wearing eyewear for long periods of time.Exchangeability with prescription lensesBecause 301 series DOCK lenses are secured using the same V-shaped groove as those used in regular eyeglasses, lenses can be exchanged for prescription lenses easily and at a reasonable cost—no special processing is necessary. *Please consult with an eyeglasses store regarding prescription lenses.Item301-SR-NXT301-SR-WRDOCK-01ColorNXT Spectrum SmokeWater-Repellent Light PinkMatte Black / Anti-Fog Light SmokeFrozen Gray / Anti-Fog Light SmokeMatte Black / Anti-Fog Clear PhotochromicFrozen Gray / Anti-Fog Clear PhotochromicBlackWhiteRedBlueYellowPinkBlackDOCK-01PHTP-12V-NOSE-12DOCK’s wind-resistant, dust-proof functionalityDOCK was developed based on the same CFD (computational fluid dynamics) analysis used in helmet development, resulting in a design with greater effectiveness in resisting wind and dust.DOCK’s light blocking functionalityThe 301 series DOCK is characterized by a design that extends around to the sides following the curvature of the frame. This design blocks out light from all sides and reduces the burden on the eyes.Anti-Fog coatingDOCK equipped lenses are pre-treated with Anti-fog coating on both sides to prevent fogging.For 301 SeriesReplacement Parts:Kabuto Soft Case No.1(K-Case-01)Kabuto Lens Cloth No.1 (K-Cloth-01)Spare Lens colorSpare Lens colorSpare Lens colorSpare Lens color301 Series Product Specifications301 Series Product SpecificationsAdjustable nose padDOCK-included model with wind-resistant, dust-proof, and light blocking features for complete eye protection.Lenses are easily exchangeable with prescription lenses.Model with high-function photochromic lens set into DOCK for a wide range of usage applications.DOCK-included / Smoke lens modelDOCK-included / Photochromic lens modelTemple padRound FIT301D / 301DPH / Replacement PartsPartsFrame materialsThe frame material is top-grade TR-90NZZ, a high-performance polyamide manufactured by EMS. This material has excellent physical properties including high durability and resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and weather.Spare lensDOCK set (w/lens)DOCK set (w/lens)Temple PadsNose pad301 Series Common Accessories 301 Series Common Accessories (packaged)(packaged)Compatible modelROUNDAbout the DOCK used in 301D/301DPH modelsAbout the 301DPH LensesUtilizes new, high-functioning clear photochromic lensesCompared to previous models, the light adjustment speed of the Anti-fog Clear Photochromic lenses attached to 301DPH have been greatly improved. Additionally, the visible light transmittance rate of these high-performance lenses ranges widely from 81% to 17%, enabling the wearer to adapt to various light circumstances without having to swap out the lenses.Transmittance rate 81%Transmittance rate 17%Visualization of the light transmittance shift・Matte Black / Anti-Fog Light SmokeFrozen gray / Anti-Fog Light SmokeAnti-Fog Light SmokeStandard attached lens color (visible light transmittance rate): Anti-Fog Light Smoke (54%)UV light transmittance rate less than 0.1% (same for all colors)Special lens coating: Anti-Fog Coating on both sidesLens curve: 6 curveMatte Black / Anti-Fog Clear PhotochromicFrozen gray / Anti-Fog Clear PhotochromicAnti-Fog Clear PhotochromicThe exchangeable sold-separately temple pad is available in a lineup of six colors. Enjoy customizing the frames with different colors.WithAnti-FogWithout Anti-Fog

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