KABUTO Bicycle Helmet & Gear 2024

❺ Available for Smartphone❶ Prevents Wind and Fleece Inside for Warmth❽ Protecting Materials❷ Reflectors❸ Large Sweat Pad❹ Slip-on WristKabuto Winter ItemFleece Material Aerodynamic Design, Professional Spec GlovesBlack RedAdopted a warm stretchy material with a wind-prevention-film inside the finger tips part. Superior fitting is achieved together with wearability and thermal.Reflects the car light for safe night ride.Large sweat pad area makes easier sweat off.Aerodynamic design reducing the annoying wrinkles at wrists.BlackBlack BlueBlack YellowAvailable to use smartphones without removing the gloves.(Thumbs and index fingers)❻ Non-Slip Silicon Pad❼ Tough Gripping Power with Seamless DesignClarino™M by Kuraray Co., Ltd. for more gripping power and higher durability.Also by reducing the stiches at the palm, achieved ever before fitting and grip feeling.Abrasion quality material attached for protection.SFG-2

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